'AMANZI' (a-marn-zee) meaning water in Zulu, is an Australian sports swimwear company specialising in chlorine resistant training swimwear for competitive and active swimmers. AMANZI was created to satisfy the needs of the fashion forward athlete with designs that are functional and highly durable.

At AMANZI we understand that swimwear is not just something you swim in, it should also be a reflection of your unique style and personality. We put a great deal of thought and effort into our prints and styles so that you can feel comfortable in your swimsuit and look great! So follow us on our journey and explore the beautiful collection of swimwear we have created this season.

Available Sizes

Girls 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 & Womens 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

About AMANZI Swimwear


This year we're taking you with us on a global adventure as we discover the worlds' prettiest blooms, shop the famous streets of Paris, stop by the AMANZI Diner for the best milkshakes in town, dance the night away under disco balls and neon lights, chill out to your favourite indie tunes and witness the world's most picturesque sunset.

Our ever popular storyboard prints AMANZI Diner, Parisian Chic and Fantasia take you to places you've only ever dreamt of. The closer you look the more you'll find, these swimsuits are all about the finer details.

Step back in time to the 1950's for some good old fashioned fun at the AMANZI Diner. Featuring an American inspired diner, complete with roller-skating AMANZI Girls and classic American convertibles this swimsuit is a fun and quirky blast from the past.

Immerse yourself in modern day Paris in our Parisian Chic print. The colourful urban streets, the boutique shops, the famous cafes and of course the tourist hot spots. Girls love to shop so why not do it in style in the city of love.

Our Fantasia print is inspired by the opulent, dazzling and mysterious sinking city of Venice. Lose yourself in the crowd of elegant masks and flamboyant gowns as you go incognito at the Palazzo de AMANZI Masquerade Ball.

This season we explored the beauty in nature with our Majestic Bloom and Flamingo Sunset prints. These swimsuits are ultra feminine and will appeal to all ages.

We followed an endless springtime where the flowers are in bloom all year round. The Majestic Bloom is the second photographic print we have produced and we are proud to say the results are spectacular. Pieced together from photos taken from around the world, the Majestic Bloom swimsuit will leave you captivated by nature's beauty.

The Flamingo Sunset print will take you to paradise on earth. You can't help but imagine yourself sitting back in a hammock, listening to the flamenco play while watching the enchanting pink Flamingos frolic and play by the waters edge.

Our sports prints Electro Pop and Indie Vibe will appeal to a wide audience. The bright neon colours in the Electro Pop One Piece just make you want to hit the dance floor and rock it out under the disco ball. While the cool tones of the Indie Vibe Sports Bikini let you explore the world outside of your headphones one chilled out step at a time.

If you're ready for adventure, AMANZI will be there waiting with a swimsuit that is perfect for you!