3rd June 2014

The biggest enemy most of us will ever face is ourselves. Negative self talk serves as a barrier that prevents many individuals from ever achieving their maximum potential. It is the job of us athletes to tame the real mean person that lives inside of our head, so we can focus on being the best… more »

8th May 2014

Monthly Report by Tamsyn Moana-Veale Travel Tips and Tricks (For the inexperienced, from the slightly less, almost-but-not-quite hopelessly inexperienced.) OK, so Travel “Nightmares” may be a slight exaggeration, but “Kinda Annoying Travel Moments” didn’t quite have the same ring to it. I’m sure all of you have had times when traveling, be it flying, driving,… more »

11th April 2014

Monthy Race Report by Tamsyn Moana-Veale To say I was nervous going into this race is an understatement, I had already started getting butterflies a week out from race day; my first race of the season, first Olympic distance race of the season, second ever WTS and, it was in Auckland. I have a bad… more »

10th March 2014

It’s our favorite time of the month, receiving AMANZI Girl Tamsyn Moana-Veale month in review. This month Tamsyn shares Five Fun Facts from February! Favourite Session Teams Pursuit on the Velodrome. Not quite the proper wooden boarded velodromes with track bikes, but with two teams of four on the shallow banks of the Wollongong Velodrome,… more »

10th February 2014

Monthly Report by AMANZI Triathlete Tamsyn Moana-Veale Welcome back to Wollongong, Wizards! It feels good to be back in my third home, routine is quickly re-established and it’s like I never left. I’m not sure what it is about Wollongong, but it always feels like I’ve got lots of things to do; training, testing, grocery… more »

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What got you started

I did swim squad when I was younger and did well at school running events so a family friend suggested I give triathlon a go.

How do you set your goals?

I'm lucky in that I have people working behind the scenes that have my best interests at heart. My coach is open and honest with what he thinks I can achieve, so I work with him in first determining small goals and focusing on the processes I need to achieve now in order to reach my ultimate goals. My parents are also incredibly supportive and encouraging which helps me believe in myself and what I want to achieve.

Do you have a word, mantra or motto that you live your life by?

I don't have one motto so much as variations on a theme. It's basically; go hard or go home. Put everything you have into your goals and you think 'What if?'. Don't waste an opportunity and don't wait for it to come to you. Attack it. Go after what you want and always treat it like it may be your only chance.


Favourite place to train and why?

Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. Its absolutely beautiful, there's so many different places to train, no distractions. Helps that I always seem to swim well here ;)

Favourite training sessions?

1km reps on a running trail. I've always loved this session, it hurts so much but it's worth it.

In the pool, anything with pull buoy, large paddles and band or open water.

Least favourite training sessions?

4hr solo rides in the cold and rain. There's just no enjoying that.

What exercise do you absolutely hate but do anyways because you know it works?

I honestly don't hate anything I have to do. Some are inconvenient though.

Favourite song/s you workout to?

Anything and everything. Seriously I have Shania Twain and Britney Spears mixed in with T-pain and a tiny bit of Skrillex. Basically whatever my brain decides is going to work for the day.


What do you do to mentally train yourself?

Go over what processes I need to do rather than focusing on an outcome.

What weaknesses have you overcome and how?

Self doubt before a race is always hard to overcome. Usually I just try to focus on myself and what I can control rather than worrying about the uncontrollables.

What's your best advice for dealing with mental negativity? How do you get out of your own head?

Control the controllables and focus on the processes rather than the outcome. Such as telling yourself to keep a high elbow and strong catch in the swim rather than just thinking ‘swim faster, swim faster'.


What is your favourite race/course?

Tiszi World Cup in Hungary or Cremona Conti Cup in Italy. Love those races, although I hear Hamburg WTS is a good one, hopefully get to see for myself later this year!

When you go into competition, what's going through your head?

I'm thinking about the race, going through a checklist in my head making sure I'm warmed up and prepared to race.

When are you the most nervous while you are competing?

The hour leading up to the start. I just want to get going!!

Do you hear the crowd roaring when you're competing?

I do, but I don't pay much attention unless it's my coach screaming something out. He usually has something important to say.

Best tip for race day?

Get ready early and have a schedule. It's easy to get caught up in the moment and forget things.

What was the last piece of advice your coach said to you before you competed?

Keep warm.

What is your ultimate triathlon goal as a triathlete?

Olympic Gold. Also to have a long standing career, some one like Javier Gomez who is such a hardworking an all round impressive athlete.


What is your worst habit?

Scratching newly painted nail polish off my nails. I never seem to be able to keep nail polish on for long periods of time. Doesn't stop me painting my nails again afterwards each time though.

If you were an animal what would you be and why?

A cat. No debate there. Cats are so relaxed and graceful yet fierce and independent. I've been told I'm going to end up as a crazy cat lady. I'm hoping they mean in the superhero catwoman sense but somehow I doubt it.

Who would you say is your biggest fan and why?

Can I say my parents? I don't think they have much choice though. My boyfriend is probably up there as well, he used to be involved in the sport so understands what I go through and gets excited when I do well.

What are the 5 things you cannot live without?

  • iPhone
  • Coffee
  • Family (should I have listed this first?)
  • Gardens / parks/ forests. I'm not a city person.
  • Milo. I may have a slight addiction there.

What is something about you that many people do not know?

The worst keep secret ever; I'm absolutely in love with cyclist Mark Cavendish. I've switched the TV off in the middle of sprint finishes or stormed out of the room when he's crashed or something has happened. Half the time I can't even watch him sprint for the finish because I'm that nervous. It's ridiculous. The man can do no wrong.

Finish this sentence: 10 years from now, I will be...

Living in a million dollar mansion with my super rich husband... or if that doesn't work out then I'll still be racing ITU and maybe starting to make my move into racing Xterra (offroad triathlon). Maybe I should start learning how to ride a mountain bike now!

What would you rather be doing right this second, rather than answering these questions?

Well I should riding right now so I better go do that...


Age 23
Location New South Wales
Sport Triathlon
Years in sport 9


"Don't waste an opportunity and don't wait for it to come to you. Attack it."