How many do you do?

The perfect post training breakfast

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Welcome to the Breakfast Club! Weet-bix are known to be a great breakfast option as they are high in fibre, low in sugar and fat, and a great source of iron and 6 other essential vitamins and minerals. So we asked some of our AMANZI Girls how many weet-bix they do in the mornings after training.

Aussie AMANZI Swimmer, Calypso Sheridan: 3.

New Zealand Open Water Marathon Swimmer, Penny Hayes: 4.

12 year old Aussie AMANZI Diver, Kennedy Cooper: up to 6 after a big training session!

UK Olympic Swimmers , Georgia Davies and Jessica Lloyd: 2 with a banana on top.


Veggie Athletes

Beautiful fruit and veg via @thebitingtruth

Taste the rainbow! Image via @thebitingtruth

You know what dinosaurs and athletes have in common? They both need meat! Or do they? Even some dinosaurs were vegetarians, and we wouldn’t mess with the long neck dinosaurs.

Dino comparisons aside, there are actually a lot of vegetarian athletes out there believe it or not. Like anything in your diet, changing it to exclude meat completely has huge implications for your athletic performance and lifestyle. If you are determined to go vegetarian, already a vegetarian or just curious about the impacts, we explore the advantages and disadvantages.

The Pros  
People are quick to jump on the offense against vegetarians for some reason, so there are a lot of naysayers out there who say you can’t combine athleticism and vegetarianism. We don’t agree with this perspective.

Just about every expert agrees that with careful planning, a well-balanced and nourishing vegetarian diet is possible. If you are willing to put time and effort to create the veggie lifestyle you desire, then go for it. There are also many creative vegetarian recipes out there, which are delicious and nutritious (Stay tuned to our blog for some ideas)!

Good protein sources include rice, eggs, beans, nuts, tofu, the list goes on! You should aim to be incorporating these high protein foods into every meal, as this is essential to athlete recovery.

There are many famous successful vegetarian athletes out there, including US Olympic swimmer, Katie Ziegler. 11 Time Olympic Medalist Natalie Coughlin sticks to a plant based diet, very occasionally eating meat. Tennis champions, Serena and Venus Williams are also famous for being vegans. If they can do it, you can!  Perhaps look further into how they managed to pull off training and going veggie to help supplement your knowledge of vegetarianism.

The Cons
Being a vegetarian isn’t just hard due to the fact you will miss juicy steaks, tender chicken, etc., but it also takes a good deal of time and effort to create a healthy vegetarian diet.

This means you need to know how to get the right amount of protein and nutrients that you normally get from meat, without having meat. You also will probably need to invest in some supplements. Ladies especially need to look out for iron deficiencies from not having meat!

Not to worry our little veggie friends! All of this is possible, but it requires that someone goes into it with an attitude of putting effort into their diet.

Conclusion: Listen to your Body and your Doctor

Due to genetics, environment, etc. – sometimes it is necessary to eat meat.  If this is a new change to your diet consult with a doctor and/or nutritionist to plan out how you are going to do this. Also, be sure to monitor how it is impacting your body, mind and energy levels.


Congratulations Calypso!

AMANZI Girl Calypso Sheridan

It was a very big year for AMANZI Swimmer Calypso Sheridan in 2015 as she entered her final and most important year at high school. Despite this, Calypso managed to keep up a heavy training load and continued to compete regularly across Australia and internationally. Calypso represented Australia at the Youth Commonwealth Games in Samoa and the FINA World Junior Swimming Championships in Singapore. Calypso managed personal bests across every event and finished with three medals at the Youth Commonwealth Games.

But her school work was obviously unaffected by her swimming, as she finished school with an OP 1 and dux of her school.

2016 is already looking to be even bigger for Calypso, as she now plans to move to the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra later this year to train with some of Australia’s best swimmers in some of the best training facilities available.

Alongside this, Calypso received her first preference to study a double degree of Law and Biomedical Science, not surprisingly after such amazing results at school.

Welcome Claire Adorna!

AMANZI Girl Claire Adorna

Please welcome Philippines swimmer turned triathlete Claire Adorna. Claire was awarded the 2013 National Swimmer of the Year and in the following year she was recognised as Best Up and Coming Female at the AsiaTRI’s Best of 2014 Awards, following her win in the individual triathlon event at the 2015 Southeast Asian Games.

Claire has been swimming since she was seven and swam throughout college, with many standout performances including her seven gold medals at the CHED National Championships in 2010. However, with encouragement from her parents and swimming coaches, Claire decided to try triathlon. Her background in swimming gives Claire a strong advantage in her triathlon races, often coming first out of the water. Now despite having built upon the other two triathlon legs, Claire still feels most at home when swimming.

Being relatively new to the sport, Claire still feels she has a lot to learn but has her eyes set on representing her country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Welcome to the team Kaitlin Donner!


Please welcome US triathlete Kaitlin Donner to our world-class AMANZI Girls team.  Kaitlin joins fellow USA Triathlon team member Erin Jones on the AMANZI Girls team.

AMANZI Girl Kaitlin Donner

Kaitlin has been racing triathlons professionally since she was 20 and is now a member of the USA Triathlon National Team. Throughout high school Kaitlin stood out in all three individual triathlon disciplines, however she focused on running in college with a cross country and track scholarship to the University of Florida. In 2009, Kaitlin began to pursue triathlon at a professional level.

Kaitlin went onto further study at University of Florida, from which she has now graduated with a doctorate of physical therapy. During her off season, Kaitlin practices as a physical therapist.

Kaitlin currently ranks in the top 50 of the World Triathlon Series rankings. Career highlights to date for Kaitlin include 2012 USA Triathlon Under 23 National Champion and Athlete of the Year, 3rd place at the 2014 USA Triathlon Elite Sprint National Championship and most recently 2015 New Plymouth World Cup Champion.

Now with the countdown to Rio on, Kaitlin continues to work towards achieving her goal of representing her country at the Olympics.


Wedding bells are in the air!

Big news from our AMANZI Girls this month, two of our AMANZI couples have just gotten engaged!

XTERRA Triathletes Jacqui + Ben

AMANZI Girl Jacqui Slack and Ben Allen are unstoppable in the XTERRA Triathlon racing world and after a successful year of racing, the power couple topped it off with the announcement of their engagement.

Triathlon dream duo Courtney Home and Pete Capps are also engaged after Pete popped the big question just after Christmas.

AMANZI Girl Courtney Home

Congratulations to our happy couples!

Christmas wrapped up with AMANZI

Santa’s little helpers Larah, Calypso and Laura are here to help you decide on the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones who love the water.

AMANZI Girls Larah, Calypso & Laura

Gifts for the swimming superstar

AMANZI Swimmer Larah stands out on pool deck in her favourite, the AMANZI Tribal Vibe One Piece. Larah keeps it bright and colourful with the AMANZI Dreamscape Swim Cap and the brand new AMANZI Axion Aqua & Purple Goggles.

AMANZI Girl Larah in Tribal Vibe

Gifts for the diving diva

12-year-old AMANZI Girl Kennedy loves the AMANZI A Charmed Life Two Piece, perfect for all our AMANZI Girls enjoying the Christmas holidays at the beach in the Southern Hemisphere.

Gifts for the triathlete

AMANZI Triathlete Laura’s favourite swimsuit is the AMANZI Secret Garden One Piece. The maze of colourful flowers and strong black lines stand out against the white background, making it a beautiful and unique swimsuit. Laura tops it off with the AMANZI Bluebirds Swim Cap and the AMANZI Axion Pink and Purple Goggles.

AMANZI Girl Laura

Stocking stuffers

With ten new swim caps and two brand new styles of goggles, these are the perfect little something to fill Santa stockings.

Find your nearest stockist to get the perfect gift this Christmas.

Pacific School Games Wrap-up

Our AMANZI Girls were in fine form in the pool at South Adelaide Aquatic Centre last week for the Pacific School Games swimming and diving competitions. The Games saw 4000 of the best athletes in Australia, as well as seven other countries come together for a week of fun and competition.

Our junior diving sensations, Jade and Kennedy excelled in both their individual and synchronised events. Kennedy Cooper finished with four medals including Gold in the 3m, silver in both the 1m and the 10-12 years old platform. Kennedy finished off the week with a bronze medal in the synchronised event with her diving partner Lauren Flint.

AMANZI Divers Lauren + Kennedy

AMANZI Girl, Jade Sweeney managed three wins in her individual events and was diving in a different AMANZI suit for each one! To top off the week Jade added a silver medal from the synchronised competition, diving for the first time as a mixed-gender pair with NSW team-mate Corey Jenkin.

In the swimming, AMANZI Girl Emily Racki racing for Team NSW finished 2nd in the 16 Year Old 100m Backstroke. Team Victoria Swimmers, Emma Malcolm from MLC Aquatic and Tarnee Dixon from Melbourne VicCentre were spotted on pool deck rocking AMANZI swimwear and a bronze medal each.

Congratulations to everyone who competed at Pacific School Games!

Time Management: A Juggling Act

Gypsy Tribe

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The many hats an AMANZI girls wear:

  • Swimmer
  • Student
  • Athlete
  • Sister
  • Friend
  • Teammate
  • Leader
  • Daughter
  • Girlfriend/wife
  • Nutritionist
  • Mother
  • Cook
  • Professional

… And the list goes on and on.

How do we wear so many hats? It really looks ridiculous as we walk down the street trying to balance everything on our head without running into any obstacles life seems to throw our way. What is an AMANZI girl to do?

We’re sure many of you out there, as AMANZI girls, already know a whole lot about juggling a lot of responsibilities all at once. We may be preaching to the choir here, but we hope there is at least one golden nugget of knowledge in here to help you pull off all those training sessions and the rest of life!

Tips on Time Management for Swimmers

1. Keep Track of Your Energy
With training, your energy can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day. Try to fit in tasks that don’t require much thought or energy into periods when you are experiencing low energy. For example, if you are feeling tired and sluggish do your chores or other brainless tasks that must get done. Your room is a mess! We can see it from here girls…

2. Eat, Sleep and Live Healthy

Want more energy? A big part of that is all about the lifestyle you lead. Avoid unhealthy foods, sleeping patterns and habits to help sustain high levels of energy. Let’s face it – you have to get up way too early tomorrow morning to be staying up watching Netflix all night! Not just one more episode for you!

3. Keep Track of Time Wasting Habits

We all have our own special unique ways of wasting time. Do you love Facebook? Daydreaming? Procrastinating? All of these habits add up rather quickly. Keep track of the time you spend wasting time for one week, then reassess how you can cut back on these habits to free up some much needed time for that math homework you never seem to get around to every night.

4. Prioritise

Take the time to list things that are most important to you. Consider everything that does not lend itself to those priorities. Sometimes we have to let go of people, places, activities and other things that do not help us shine in life. This is a natural process.

5. Cook Simpler Meals

This isn’t to say you should pop a frozen pizza in the oven and call it a day. But you can still eat healthy with simple recipes. Research snacks and meals you can make without a huge investment of time in the kitchen. Save the gourmet cooking for when you have more time to spend on it!

6. Give Yourself Some Much Needed Self Love

You rock! All of the things you already get done are amazing. Learn how to give yourself some much needed rest and self-love. This way when it comes time to get back to work you’ll feel invigorated with a refreshed kick butt attitude to take on the world!


Welcome to the team Erin Jones

AMANZI Girl Erin Jones

Please welcome US Triathlete and 2016 Olympic hopeful, Erin Jones.

Erin enjoyed both swimming and running throughout high school, but cut back on swimming to focus on her running in college. Halfway through college however, Erin transferred to the Elite Triathlon Academy in Colorado Springs allowing her to finish off her degree and train to be a world class triathlete, combining her love of the three sports.

Her career highlights to date include holding the USA Triathlon Under-23 National Championship title for two consecutive years, as well as being named the USA Triathlon under-23 Athlete of the Year for both 2013 and 2014. Erin is now a regular competitor on the International Triathlon Union circuit and has made it into the top 75 of the World Triathlon Series rankings.

With her eyes set on competing for the USA at the Olympics next year, we can’t wait to help Erin get there.