Time Management: A Juggling Act

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The many hats an AMANZI girls wear:

  • Swimmer
  • Student
  • Athlete
  • Sister
  • Friend
  • Teammate
  • Leader
  • Daughter
  • Girlfriend/wife
  • Nutritionist
  • Mother
  • Cook
  • Professional

… And the list goes on and on.

How do we wear so many hats? It really looks ridiculous as we walk down the street trying to balance everything on our head without running into any obstacles life seems to throw our way. What is an AMANZI girl to do?

We’re sure many of you out there, as AMANZI girls, already know a whole lot about juggling a lot of responsibilities all at once. We may be preaching to the choir here, but we hope there is at least one golden nugget of knowledge in here to help you pull off all those training sessions and the rest of life!

Tips on Time Management for Swimmers

1. Keep Track of Your Energy
With training, your energy can fluctuate dramatically throughout the day. Try to fit in tasks that don’t require much thought or energy into periods when you are experiencing low energy. For example, if you are feeling tired and sluggish do your chores or other brainless tasks that must get done. Your room is a mess! We can see it from here girls…

2. Eat, Sleep and Live Healthy

Want more energy? A big part of that is all about the lifestyle you lead. Avoid unhealthy foods, sleeping patterns and habits to help sustain high levels of energy. Let’s face it – you have to get up way too early tomorrow morning to be staying up watching Netflix all night! Not just one more episode for you!

3. Keep Track of Time Wasting Habits

We all have our own special unique ways of wasting time. Do you love Facebook? Daydreaming? Procrastinating? All of these habits add up rather quickly. Keep track of the time you spend wasting time for one week, then reassess how you can cut back on these habits to free up some much needed time for that math homework you never seem to get around to every night.

4. Prioritise

Take the time to list things that are most important to you. Consider everything that does not lend itself to those priorities. Sometimes we have to let go of people, places, activities and other things that do not help us shine in life. This is a natural process.

5. Cook Simpler Meals

This isn’t to say you should pop a frozen pizza in the oven and call it a day. But you can still eat healthy with simple recipes. Research snacks and meals you can make without a huge investment of time in the kitchen. Save the gourmet cooking for when you have more time to spend on it!

6. Give Yourself Some Much Needed Self Love

You rock! All of the things you already get done are amazing. Learn how to give yourself some much needed rest and self-love. This way when it comes time to get back to work you’ll feel invigorated with a refreshed kick butt attitude to take on the world!


Welcome to the team Erin Jones

AMANZI Girl Erin Jones

Please welcome US Triathlete and 2016 Olympic hopeful, Erin Jones.

Erin enjoyed both swimming and running throughout high school, but cut back on swimming to focus on her running in college. Halfway through college however, Erin transferred to the Elite Triathlon Academy in Colorado Springs allowing her to finish off her degree and train to be a world class triathlete, combining her love of the three sports.

Her career highlights to date include holding the USA Triathlon Under-23 National Championship title for two consecutive years, as well as being named the USA Triathlon under-23 Athlete of the Year for both 2013 and 2014. Erin is now a regular competitor on the International Triathlon Union circuit and has made it into the top 75 of the World Triathlon Series rankings.

With her eyes set on competing for the USA at the Olympics next year, we can’t wait to help Erin get there.

Please welcome young gun Larah Fedalto

Larah Fedalto

We are very excited to welcome up and coming swimming superstar, Larah Fedalto! It has been a very successful year for the 13-year-old St Peters Western swimmer who was crowned the 13-year-old Australian National Champion in the 50m Freestyle, 100m Freestyle and 100m Butterfly.

Alongside swimming and school, Larah manages to compete in hockey at a national level too! This year, Larah was selected to represent Queensland in both swimming and hockey.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for you this season Larah!


Welcome Laura Lindemann!

Laura Lindemann in BABEbushka

19-year-old German triathlete and junior world champion, Laura Lindemann, is the newest member of the AMANZI Girls amazing team. Earlier this year, Laura won the 2015 ITU World Triathlon Grand Final in Chicago, making her the junior world champion for the second year in the row.

Laura had a very impressive season leading up to her ultimate victory in Chicago being crowned the 2015 German junior (U23) national champion in June earlier this year and Junior Champion at the Geneva ETU European Championships. With her performances this year, Laura has her eyes set on racing in Rio next year!

Congratulations on a great season Laura and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for you next season. Willkommen Laura!

Haircare for Swimmers: Small Steps to Keep your Locks Luscious

Photo credit - Calypso Sheridan

Photo credit – Calypso Sheridan

Who hasn’t seen the little blonde girl out there whose hair turning green from chlorine?! It happens all the time! Chlorine and hair just don’t mix well! As swimmers we are forced to jump right in and hope for the best for our hair. Luckily we are tough swimming ladies. Although, we must admit, most of us would like to not completely fry our hair.

What is a girl to do? Giving up swimming is NOT an option, but there are other small steps one can take with specific haircare tips for swimmers. These are fast and easy tips that will help you maintain the health of your hair even during swim season when it feels like you spend more time in the pool than anywhere else.

  1. You Must Wear a Swim Cap
    This is a no brainer for most swimmers, but just as a little reminder, it is imperative to wear a swim cap. Not only does this help keep your hair out of the way and reduce drag, but it also helps to protect the hair from the harsh elements of the pool. Take a look at our amazing selection of AMANZI swim caps to find one that’ll protect your hair and boost your style.
  2. Shower Before and After Every Single Swim Session
    Showering before helps to wet the hair, so it doesn’t soak up all of the chemicals. Showering after helps to cleanse the hair of all the chemicals. This is a great way to prevent chlorine damage to your hair and skin, so it is a good idea to get in the habit of having a shower routine as part of your swimming routine.
  3. Treat Your Hair with Coconut Oil
    Deep condition treatments are a great way to treat hair that is damaged and dried out from a lot of the time in the water and/or sun. A lot of deep conditioners actually contain a lot of harmful chemicals. Coconut oil is an all-natural way to treat your hair. Just apply a tablespoon or more to cover your hair from root to end. Let the conditioner sit in for about one hour before thoroughly rinsing it out in the shower. You’ll be amazed by the results!
  4. Seek Out Swim Facilities with Low Chlorine Content
    There are lots of pool out there that offer lower chlorine or alternatives to chlorine, like salt treated. If you have choices try to find a pool with lower chlorine or at least with good ventilation. Unfortunately, we know a lot of swimmers out there don’t have a choice.
  5. Cover Hair from the Sun
    Your hair is already frazzled enough without adding sun damage to the mix. Make sure if you are a swimmer who spends a lot of time outdoors to cover your hair with a hat, scarf, etc. to help prevent further damage.

Squad Goals

Photo Credit @24_portrait

Photo Credit @24_portrait

Win matching AMANZI Swim Caps for you and your team mates! Simply head on over to our Instagram page @amanziswim and:
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Winners will be drawn daily from 7th October to the 10th October and announced via our daily Instagram post.
Winners will receive a set of AMANZI Swim Caps for each member in their squad or club*.

Good luck AMANZI Girls! xx

*A maximum of 20 swim caps will be issued per winner

Behind the Goggles

Welcome Jess Lloyd

Please welcome our newest AMANZI Girl, Olympic swimmer, Jessica Lloyd!

At only 16 years old, Jessica qualified for the 2012 London Olympics, making her the youngest member on the Great Britain Olympic team. Even at her first Olympics, Jess only narrowly missed out on a medal, when her relay team finished 5th in the 4x100m freestyle relay.

She then backed up her impressive performance in London, qualifying for the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games. Having learnt from her experiences at the London Olympics, Jess came home with two medals, silver in the 4x100m Freestyle relay and bronze in the 4x200m Freestyle relay.

Now with less than a year to go until the 2016 Olympics in Rio, Jess is ready to race and hoping to qualify for the 100m Freestyle to continue on her path towards one day becoming world champion.

We hope to be cheering you on at Rio next year and every step along the way!

Diving into October

Jade in AMANZI Bluebelle

I love to train, I never want to miss a session and it has been no different this month. Oh wait yes it has – it has been even better, as I had an awesome range of swimmers to train in!

With our coach overseas we have had the privilege of training with NSWIS Head Coach and Australian National Coach, Chava Sabrino and his squad. Extra incentive to work hard when you are training right alongside your idols.

Our only planned competition this month was an interclub at SOPAC. I competed in my first Junior B competition of the season on the 1m springboard, finishing 1st, as well as gaining a national qualifying score for next year’s nationals. We are now all working hard in preparation for Pacific Schools Games in Adelaide in November.

This month, I was excited to receive a couple of surprise emails regarding awards. Firstly, I am a recipient of the Local Champions Sporting Grant/Award that I will be receiving next month from Fiona Scott (local MP). Secondly from the CEO of Diving NSW to say that I, along with my NSWIS teammate Ben, had been nominated for an award by the Old Swimmers Union of NSW. So I look forward to attending both these presentations, along with the Diving NSW presentation awards night in the coming weeks.

Until next month,

Jade xx

Welcome to the team Vendula!

Welcome Vendula!

Double Olympian and 8 times national triathlon champion, Vendula Frintova, is the newest member of the AMANZI Girls team and our first athlete from the Czech Republic.  Vendula started in swimming when she was a teenager, but wanting to mix it up, she added cycling and running. From there she fell in love with the sport and has been competing in triathlon for over a decade now.

In 2002, she began competing in the European World Cup series and the following year joined the ITU series, competing on a world scale. Her triathlon career continued to skyrocket from here with many more impressive titles under her belt, including qualifying for the 2008 Beijing Olympics and becoming the first woman from the Czech Republic to win an ITU World Cup event at the 2010 Mooloolaba Triathlon.

At Vendula’s Olympic debut at the Beijing Olympics she finished a respectable 23rd place. However, 4 years later at the London 2012 Olympics, Vendula improved upon her previous Olympic performance, finishing 15th. Now, with less than a year to go before Rio 2016, she is hoping to improve upon this placing once again.

We can’t wait to follow Vendula on her Road to Rio!

The Plateau: How to Power through a Rut

Power on

Photo credit – Courtney Home


Anyone who has ever trained has experienced the frustration of hitting a plateau. No matter how hard you work, what you eat, how long you sleep, what God you pray to, your time remains stagnant, mocking all of your efforts. The first thing to know is that you are not alone in this experience, and it is in fact, a completely normal thing to run (or swim) into.

Once you’ve gotten past the point of feeling sorry for yourself, it is time to try different methods to get past the plateau. Maybe the first, second or third approach won’t work, but if you continue to try, your efforts are bound to pay off.  Here are a couple of different ways you can work towards improving your time when regular training just doesn’t seem to be cutting it anymore.

1.  Address your Technique

Running, swimming and any sport all have an infinite amount of ways to improve technique. It is a constant process to try to analyse and improve the stroke, stride or whatever else that may be involved. Take the time to really analyse how your body is working when you are training for the sport. It can be invaluable to get an outside opinion on exactly what you may be doing wrong. Or you can have someone record you while you are training, so that you can actually see what you’re doing. Once you have identified what may be the problem, consistently work towards eliminating that bad habit. It is difficult to train our bodies to do something that we are familiar with differently, but the payoff for improving technique can be enormous.

2. Take a Break

For some athletes, the idea of taking a break seems unimaginable. Training day in and day out becomes so ingrained into daily life, that it would seem really odd to have a day of complete rest. Sometimes it can be good to take a day, a week or even a month off of training to let the body and mind take a rest. When you return you may just have the enthusiasm needed to finally get out of that rut you’ve been stuck in for so long.

3.  Embrace the Elements 

The temperature and weather outside have an enormous impact on the way we perform. Not only does the weather impact the muscles, joints and mind, but for outdoor sports, we obviously dress completely differently. Allow for the differences in weather to influence your time in whatever way that they will. When spring rolls around most athletes experience a boost in performance and energy as the warm weather finally graces us with its presence.

4. Remember your Love for the Sport

Remember that it wasn’t a finishing time that got you inspired to start your activity of choice. Try to get back to the root of whatever it is that makes you passionate about you do. When you are feeling frustrated with lack of improvement, just return to the sheer joy that the sport gives you. Ultimately enjoyment is what the name of the game is supposed to be all about –  the competition, teams and training are all just icing on the cake.