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Wedding bells are in the air!

Big news from our AMANZI Girls this month, two of our AMANZI couples have just gotten engaged!

XTERRA Triathletes Jacqui + Ben

AMANZI Girl Jacqui Slack and Ben Allen are unstoppable in the XTERRA Triathlon racing world and after a successful year of racing, the power couple topped it off with the announcement of their engagement.

Triathlon dream duo Courtney Home and Pete Capps are also engaged after Pete popped the big question just after Christmas.

AMANZI Girl Courtney Home

Congratulations to our happy couples!

Christmas wrapped up with AMANZI

Santa’s little helpers Larah, Calypso and Laura are here to help you decide on the perfect Christmas gift for your loved ones who love the water.

AMANZI Girls Larah, Calypso & Laura

Gifts for the swimming superstar

AMANZI Swimmer Larah stands out on pool deck in her favourite, the AMANZI Tribal Vibe One Piece. Larah keeps it bright and colourful with the AMANZI Dreamscape Swim Cap and the brand new AMANZI Axion Aqua & Purple Goggles.

AMANZI Girl Larah in Tribal Vibe

Gifts for the diving diva

12-year-old AMANZI Girl Kennedy loves the AMANZI A Charmed Life Two Piece, perfect for all our AMANZI Girls enjoying the Christmas holidays at the beach in the Southern Hemisphere.

Gifts for the triathlete

AMANZI Triathlete Laura’s favourite swimsuit is the AMANZI Secret Garden One Piece. The maze of colourful flowers and strong black lines stand out against the white background, making it a beautiful and unique swimsuit. Laura tops it off with the AMANZI Bluebirds Swim Cap and the AMANZI Axion Pink and Purple Goggles.

AMANZI Girl Laura

Stocking stuffers

With ten new swim caps and two brand new styles of goggles, these are the perfect little something to fill Santa stockings.

Find your nearest stockist to get the perfect gift this Christmas.

Squad Goals

Photo Credit @24_portrait

Photo Credit @24_portrait

Win matching AMANZI Swim Caps for you and your team mates! Simply head on over to our Instagram page @amanziswim and:
1.    Mention your name and your club members in the comments section.
2.    Tell us what club you belong to!
Winners will be drawn daily from 7th October to the 10th October and announced via our daily Instagram post.
Winners will receive a set of AMANZI Swim Caps for each member in their squad or club*.

Good luck AMANZI Girls! xx

*A maximum of 20 swim caps will be issued per winner

Tackling Negativity with AMANZI Athletes

AMANZI Girl Georgia DaviesThe biggest enemy most of us will ever face is ourselves. Negative self talk serves as a barrier that prevents many individuals from ever achieving their maximum potential. It is the job of us athletes to tame the real mean person that lives inside of our head, so we can focus on being the best person we can be.

Recently we interviewed all of our top AMANZI athletes, and we asked them how they deal with negativity. The following were some of our favorite answers that we thought would benefit swimmers and non-swimmers alike!  You can read how these professionals deal with mental negativity below. For bonus material, you can follow the link on their names to see the rest of the interview to really get to know what makes these Amanzi athletes tick!

What’s your best advice for dealing with mental negativity? How do you get out of your own head?

  1. A quote that my coach told me, something along the lines of “whether you think you can or can’t, you’re probably right” – always believe in yourself and your ability. Georgia Davies (Swimmer)
  1. Don’t think about the past in a bad way think of it as something you can improve on, as you can always better what you do if you keep going at it and doing the right things. Ellie Faulkner (Swimmer)
  1. “I use a method created by Dr Steve Peters (psychiatrist to British Cycling & Team Sky) in his book ‘The Chimp Paradox’. Basically, anything negative that comes into your head is classified as a ‘threat’ or getting ‘hijacked by your chimp’. I will go through my ‘threats’ with my coach before each race and counter them. For example, perhaps a threat for me would be, ‘what if I don’t have my run legs when I jump off the bike?’ This would be countered with, ‘that is just silly, you have been running really well in training/doing lots of brick sessions, there is no reason why this would happen.’ So each and every threat gets countered and you can go into the race knowing that you’ve dealt with all those little voices.” Gillian Sanders (Triathlete)
  1. “Control the controllable and focus on the processes rather than the outcome. Such as telling yourself to keep a high elbow and strong catch in the swim rather than just thinking ‘swim faster, swim faster’.” Tamsyn Moana-Veale (Triathlete)
  1. “The self-doubts and anxieties are hard to beat sometimes in competitive sport, especially if you are in a bad mindset. Firstly think to yourself, why do I do this sport? Why do I train hard every day? Your answer should be because you love it, not just to please someone, but because you enjoy it. I used to battle with this because I forgot about what I wanted, simply trying to please others and forgetting how much I love surf myself! If you enjoy your sport, your next step is to begin building your positive self-talk. Everything begins in the head, and if you can think it you can do it! Rather than being down on yourself after a race, think of what you can do better for next time. So enjoy your sport, think positive, and smile! The doubt you feel will be gone before you know it.” Brittany Jessup (Surf Lifesaver)
  1. “Don’t over think and just focus on what you need to do.” Holly Grice (Triathlete)

Inspirational Quotes from Swimmers

Jodie Duff - AMANZI TriathleteHere are some great inspiration quotes from the best swimmers out there. These are great for days when you just don’t feel like hitting the pool.

“Persistence can change failure into extraordinary achievement.” - Matt Biondi (US Olympian)

“If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.” – Mark Spitz (US Olympian)

“The water is your friend… don’t have to fight with water, just share the same spirit as the water, and it will help you move.” - Alexandr Popov (Russian Olympian)

“It took a lot of guts to change it and say ‘I don’t like the life that I’m living and I don’t like the swimmer I am’, so let’s change it completely and say ‘Look, I’ve got to learn to love myself’. And that’s been a really hard thing to do because when you’ve done a performance that you’re not proud of and the public and the media have criticized you…..people are really quick to make judgements so it was tough to say ‘Well I don’t care what you have to say. I’m going to do this for myself and if you don’t like me after this, well then, it’s too bad’.” - Leisel Jones (Australian Olympian)

“When I go out and race, I’m not trying to beat opponents, I’m trying to beat what I have done … to beat myself, basically. People find that hard to believe because we’ve had such a bias to always strive to win things. If you win something and you haven’t put everything into it, you haven’t actually achieved anything at all. When you’ve had to work hard for something and you’ve got the best you can out of yourself on that given day, that’s where you get satisfaction from.” - Ian Thorpe (Australian Olympian)

“Never put an age limit on your dreams.” – Dara Torres (US Olympian)

“Nothing is impossible. With so many people saying it couldn’t be done, all it takes is an imagination.” – Michael Phelps (US Olympian)

“The things you learn from sports – setting goals, being part of a team, confidence – that’s invaluable. It’s not about trophies and ribbons. It’s about being on time for practice, accepting challenges and being fearful of the elements.” - Summer Sanders (US Olympian)

“It wasn’t so much, what did I want to do? It was, who do I want to be? - Diana Nyad (World record long-distance swimmer)

Want to read more? Take a look at what some of the AMANZI Girls have to say here.

10 Fun Facts About Swimming

Here’s some swimming trivia that probably won’t help you lower your time, but will make for a fun read!

  1. The earliest record of swimming was from a Stone Age painting that was created approximately 7,000 years ago.
  2. Elephants can swim around 20 miles a day. They use their trunks as snorkels!
  3. The first ever recorded swim race was held in Japan in 36 BCE.
  4. Swimming became a popular competitive sport in England during the 1830’s.
  5. The first indoor swimming pool, St. George’s Baths, was opened to public in 1828.
  6. The front crawl was introduced to Western swimmers by two Native American at a London swimming competition in 1844.
  7. The first four Olympics were held in open water, not a pool. In consecutive order they took place in the Mediterranean, the Seine River, a manmade lake and the Mediterranean once again.
  8. The average person produces enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools.
  9. Women were not allowed to swim in the Olympics until 1912.
  10. In 1910, the first filtration system for a pool was invented.

AMANZI Swimsuits Missing from Sydney Skinny

Over 700 swimmers and not one AMANZI Swimsuit in sight! Well, for a good reason…

More than seven hundred people skinny dipped together in Sydney in late February for an event that raised money for Australia’s parks. As a side note, the event’s goal was to embrace all different body shapes and question body-image standards set by the media and pop culture.

The event was the largest recorded of its kind ever to take place. Although supposedly the year before there were more participants, seven hundred and fifty participants specifically, in the event known as the Sydney Skinny. The nude swimmers swam a 900 meters course shaped like a diamond in the Tasman Sea.

In order to block random peeping Toms and reporters, the event was closed to the public and to attend swimmers had to purchase tickets in advance.

According to the NY Daily News swimmers were given towels to cover-up as soon as they completed their swim. Some swimmers used the chance to write words and slogans on their body, including three women who wrote the word “Skinny” on their backsides.

If you had the chance would you skinny dip with a bunch of strangers for a good cause?  Let us know with a comment below!

Underground Swimming Pools in Paris

A candidate for Paris’ mayor, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, wants the city of Paris to eventually convert abandoned metro stations into community spaces to benefit citizens and visitors. Many different ideas are being thrown around on what should fill the space including gardens, nightclubs and libraries, but our favorite idea of all was a swimming pool!

Can you imagine swimming underground in Paris? Well it’s no secret the team at AMANZI love  all things Paris, you only need to take a look at the AMANZI Parisian Chic One Piece Swimsuit from the 2014 AMANZI Swimwear Collection. Our iconic AMANZI Girl is shopping the streets of our favorite city…Paris!

Parisian Chic One PieceNow back to the story! The idea to convert the ghost stations into pools combines our two favorite things- swimming and Paris- to create something completely unique. Architects behind this idea are suggesting exactly how the city could manage re-purposing the stations.

“This project aims to bring back to life these ghost stations by giving them a new purpose,” Manal Rachdi, a French architect working on the project said in a statement over e-mail to the Smithsonian Magazine. “To swim in the metro seems like a crazy dream, but it could soon come true!” By utilizing the abandoned station, he added, the city also could make up for a lack of sporting facilities available in some areas of the capital city.

There are currently 11 stations that sit unused, because the stations either closed down during World War II or never opened in the first place. If Morizet is elected, these stations may be given a new lease on life in an unexpected way. Who knew Parisian politics and swimming could be so closely intertwined?

View mockups of the idea here.

We love the idea of making swimming more accessible to everyone. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if there were more swimmers in it, well we think so! Do you have any unused spaces in your community you could see being converted into swimming pools? Perhaps it is time to contact your local representative or government official with this idea.