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Diary of a Teenager Diver continued

There is not a lot of equipment a diver needs but there are two things I can’t live without – my chamois and a good swimsuit.

AMANZI Girl Jade Sweeney

The Chamois — otherwise known as an aqua-towel or shammy — a small (usually tie-dyed) water absorbent towel that you will often see draped over our bodies. This tiny towel is capable of holding 10 times its weight in water and dry out almost instantly after you ring it out. Seriously we rely on this small piece of poly-vinyl cloth as a source of comfort (squeezing and biting on this really does relieve stress) and practicality: It dries us off in between dives, and when you are often gripping your legs or other body parts, wet legs raises the possibility that your hands will slip, and slipping can mean losing control mid-dive and we all know that that leads to the previously discussed splat (remember entry # 2).

The Swimsuit – comfortable, functional, durable, unique – what I look for in my swimsuit-so I can’t go past AMANZI as my swimsuit of choice. When you are diving off 10m towers at speeds of up to 60km/hour you want to know that your swimsuit will stand up to the test – oh and still be there when you resurface. The thin shoulder straps on the AMANZI swimmers allow for maximum freedom and ease of movement around my shoulders whilst I am diving and as a fashion forward athlete I love that AMANZI understands that swimwear is not just something you swim in but is a reflection of your unique style and personality. With such a wide variety of prints, wearing AMANZI ensures that I always look and feel great at training.

Until next month,
Jade xx

Read Jade’s first diary entry here.

8 Reasons to Skip the Gym

Never feel like going to the gym? Forget about it! There’s a whole world out there to use for exercising. Run the streets, swim the seas and climb the mountains! Who needs a boring gym to burn calories and get fit?

AMANZI Girl Tamsyn running in the Giza Bikini

AMANZI Girl Tamsyn running in the Giza Bikini

Here are eight reasons why you should use the great outdoors as your private gym.

#1 It Will Boost Your Mood

By exercising outdoors, you can improve your mood and get an added boost from the sunshine and fresh air. Just taking a deep breath of air outside will flood your brain with those feel-good serotonin chemicals. Not only will your workout get you fitter, it’ll instantly make you feel awesome.

#2 You Won’t Be Distracted

While reading and watching TV might make workouts more enjoyable, it can also make them less effective. So many people go to the gym and completely zone out. The problem with this is that you might not be working as hard as you think you are. On top of that, studies have shown that “passive” exercisers develop less hand-eye coordination.

#3 There’s Always Something New to See

When you are running around outside, your scenery is always changing. Rather than staring at the clock or watching the same old TV shows, you’ll always have something new to see outdoors. People watch when you’re doing step-ups on park benches. Scope out new neighbourhoods when you are out for a jog. No matter where you live, there is always a new area to explore. Whether it is a vibrant cityscape or the beautiful countryside, it’ll give you a lot more stimulation that just looking at the same room every day.

#4 It’s Free

There are so many fun things to do outside that’ll serious kick your butt. From running up hills to rock climbing to swimming in the sea to running laps around the park, there are countless ways to break a sweat without even having to open your wallet.

#5 You Will Stick to It          

Studies have shown that people who work out outdoors are more likely to stick with their exercise routine. Thanks to the instant mood boost that we get outdoors, exercisers simply enjoy their workout routines more and are more likely to want to do it again the next day.

#6 You Have to Work Harder

Did you know that running outdoors is actually harder than running on a treadmill? Exercise equipment like elliptical machines and treadmills always do some of the work for you. This is on top of the fact that you will never have to fight against wind resistance which can have a major impact on the total amount of energy that you expend.

#7 You Can Ditch the Weights

Unless you are a serious weight lifter, you are probably better off just using your own body weight for workouts. Rather than risking injury with weights that are too heavy or wasting your time with light weights, use your body! Did you know that those squatting machines at the gym are less effective? Stand up and use your balance for the ultimate workout.

#8 You Can Spend Your Time Working Out

Who wants to spend more time commuting? Skip the trip to the gym and just step out the front door. While it might not seem like a huge timesaver, those minutes definitely add up!

Why Are So Many Swimming Records Being Broken?

AMANZI Girl Jenna Forrester

It seems like world records are always being broken these days. Are we really getting faster, stronger and better than the generations that came before us? While swimmers seem to be leading the path to the world of the ultra-athletes, many other sports are also seeing regular record breaking performances.

In fact, there were 30 world records broken at the 2012 London Summer Olympics in the swimming, running, cycling and weightlifting categories. At the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing, a whopping 21 events of the total 32 swimming events had world records broken.

What’s Different about Swimming?

Swimming is definitely leading the trend of record breaking and there are a few reasons for that. Of course, it’s hard to pin it down to one exact reason but many experts have solid theories. One unique thing about swimming is that small changes can make a major impact and that’s why many believe that it is so common to break world records. A minor alteration in position and technique can smash through once-impressive records.

A Boost in Training

The world of sports has changed dramatically over the generations. While the majority of athletes used to train in their spare time and started relatively late in life, there are countless full-time athletes who are now learning their sports before they even learn their languages!

With an upsurge in world class training schools, getting access to the best coaches from around the globe is possible for many people. Bringing in more students also allows coaches to spot kids with exceptional talent and bring them into a more rigorous training programmes.

Popularity of Swimming

Another thing that has made training better is the sheer upsurge in swimming’s popularity. With big names like Michael Phelps making swimming cooler than ever, young kids are increasing hopping in the pool and staying there for years. Rather than just splashing around in the water, these kids are on the hunt for the gold. With so many kids getting involved in swim training, the pool of talent is massive! This means that swimmers start young and, in general, more people have higher levels of swimming skills.

Massive Improves in Technology

The right swimsuit can change everything in the pool. The world of swim gear is always moving forward and has major impacts on world records. While non-textile materials and full length suits have been banned, there have been countless other improvements to swimwear that creates less drag and reduces distraction. Goggles and caps have also leaped forward in the past few years. With companies like Speedo and Arena constantly improving the engineering and construction of their swim gear, the future is looking brighter every day.

Reduced Turbulence

Turbulence is a major factor in swimming. With lane divider improvements that have been able to lessen turbulence and pool sides that don’t push as many waves, there has been a marked reduction in the amount of turbulence that swimmers are working against, which has helped many records be broken.

With all of these improvements, we are never far from breaking another record. And, who knows, maybe you will be the next swimmer to smash an old record!

WTS Stockholm

AMANZI Girl Laura Lindemann

AMANZI Girl Laura Lindemann finishing the swim leg strong

Congratulations to AMANZI Girls Vendula Frintova and Laura Lindemann finishing in the top 20 at the ITU World Triathlon Series race in Stockholm. Vendula finished an impressive 9th place, with Laura Lindemann not far behind in 16th place.

Following these impressive results over the weekend, both girls jumped up the World Triathlon Series rankings.  Vendula now sits in 11th place and Laura Lindemann in 26th with only two races of the season to go before the ITU World Championship in Mexico later this year. AMANZI Girls Amelie Kretz, Gillian Sanders and Kaitlin Donner sit in the top 70 of the ITU World Triathlon Series rankings.

7 Tips on How to Take Care of Swimwear

No sitting on rough surfaces Laura!

No sitting on rough surfaces Laura!

Getting a nice piece of sports swimwear is an investment in our love of swimming. To keep it in prime condition for as long as possible is ideal, but to do so requires a little bit of effort on our part. These tips will help you keep your swimwear in tip-top shape for longer.

1. Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
When you have swimwear that offers high quality materials and durable cuts to begin with then it is going to naturally last longer. In the long run investing in better swimwear will save you money, because it does not deteriorate as quickly as swimwear of inferior quality. All AMANZI Swimsuits are made from AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Swimwear Fabric which has been designed and milled in Italy.

2. A Swimsuit for Every Activity
Having separate swimwear for the hot tub, beach, sun bathing and athletic swimming is a good idea. The first three activities mention on that list are particularly hard on swimwear materials, so maybe consider having swimwear you don’t like as much on hand for those activities. For sports swimwear always choose chlorine resistant fabrics like AMANZI Armor.

3. Multiple Swimsuits
Rotating swimsuits between swimming sessions allows the material of the swimwear to dry and recover between swim sessions, so that the material of the swimwear will stay like-new for longer.

4. Rinse and Wash with Every Use
Rinsing and hand washing your swimwear after every use can make all the difference. Bacterial, chlorine, salt water, etc. all break down the materials of the swimwear. The sooner you can wash the swimwear once you are out of the water, the better.

5. Lightly Wring Out
If you must wring out your swimwear after washing it do so very lightly. It is best just to let it air dry indoors.

6. Washer or Dryer
Even if your washer has a hand wash cycle chances are that it is rougher on it than you would be with your hands. As for the dryer, just NO, don’t do it.

7. Avoid Rubbing Against Rough Surfaces
Sitting on concrete, the blocks, pool deck etc. all are abrasive on the material. Swimwear is for swimming not for sitting anyways! Speaking of rough surfaces next time you see AMANZI Girl Laura Dennis sitting on rocks at the beach (like she is above) be sure to tell her that it’s a huge no no!!!

14 Funny, Inspirational and Quirky Triathlon Quotes


Here are some silly, inspirational and fun triathlon quotes for all our triathletes out there with one from our very own Jacqui Slack.

“I still have a big problem with confidence if I don’t have a good race it always used to get me down and still does a little. Now I tell myself to learn from the experience everyone has bad days but you have to move on. I try to surround myself with positive people my family and sponsors are always understanding and supportive whatever happens. There is always another race around the corner to prove yourself ” – Jacqui Slack (Amanzi Triathlete)

“If you set a goal for yourself and are able to achieve it, you have won your race. Your goal can be to come in first, to improve your performance, or just finish the race it’s up to you.” – Dave Scott (Triathlete)

“You can keep going and your legs might hurt for a week or you can quit and your mind will hurt for a lifetime.” – Mark Allen (Ironman)

“I’m not slow, I’m just enjoying the race longer.”

“Almost drowned, crashed the bike, puked on the run. When’s the next Tri?”

“The faster you run, the sooner you’re done.”

“I’d quit racing tri’s, but I need the T-shirts since they’re most of my wardrobe.”

“You don’t play triathlon. You play soccer; it’s fun. You play baseball. Triathlon is work that can leave you crumpled in a heap, puking by the roadside. It’s the physical brutality of climbing Mount Everest without the great view from the top of the world. What kind of person keeps coming back for more of that?”  – Chris McCormack (Two-Time Ironman World Champion)

“You can quit if you want, and no one will care. But you will know the rest of your life.” – John Collins (Ironman Founder).

“It’s easy to get caught up in our little world (what?!) of triathlon, talking about the relative dorkiness of specific activities and attire choices. But I’ve got news for you guys. According to the 99.9 percent of the population outside of the sport, we’re all big ’ol dorks. The coolest triathlete out there hovers somewhere between captain of the chess club and Steve Urkel on the world scale of coolness. Don’t worry — I don’t think it’s entirely our faults. It’s the nature of our sport, being the outcasts of not one but three more popular and established sports. That’s a lot of nerds jockeying for position.” — Jesse Thomas (Triathlete)

“The one time, and only time, I will shush my wife without getting in trouble is at mile 14 of an Ironman Marathon.” — Trevor Wurtele (Triathlete)

“Failure is failure only when we stop trying anymore.”– Sri Chinmoy

“We are judged by what we finish, not what we start.”

“It never gets easier, you just go faster” – Greg Lemond (Racing Cyclist)

Sophie Coldwell: September Race Report

September Race Report by AMANZI Girl Sophie Coldwell


So here I am writing this blog on the way back from Canada after what I can describe as, for me, a successful World Championships.  The trip started last Sunday when myself, Chis Perham and James Teagle (who were selected only two days before due to the cancellation of the boys race at Liverpool) traveled down to Heathrow.  After the usual airport duties the nine hour flight to Minneapolis began, I can safely say after watching nearly a whole season of Friday Night Lights and the movie Draft Day my American football knowledge has dramatically improved from nothing to basically being a right know it all!  A quick interrogation in America and then it was the shorter two hour flight to Edmonton of which I don’t recollect anything as I was asleep the whole way.

Edmonton is a very big city which meant for cycling it really wasn’t great and I succumbed to just riding on the rollers.  We ran down by the river which was pleasant and swam at the local university or the very very nice pool which had two 50 metre pools next to each other as well as a diving pool. The week leading into the race I was feeling horrific, I think it was a combination of jet lag and the actual journey itself – I was waking up at 5am and having to wait for swimming, I used the time wisely though and face timed David and my mum (however trying to get my mum to work the iPad was unbelievably difficult!). The usual pre-race track session where you feel really good and running feels easy was incredibly hard work and making the normal ‘comfortable’ times at home was proving impossible and swimming was just feeling sluggish. Safe to say a couple of days out from the race I was panicking slightly, but with the work done there was nothing else I could do.

Race morning came round quickly and with the race in the afternoon I jumped onto the rollers in the morning to wake up the legs before heading down to the race. I was doing alright nerves wise until we got down to the course and everyone starts staring each other out!  It was a wetsuit swim and since I’ve now found a suit I can swim in (Huub Aura) I’m confident in that scenario. I did my usual swim warm up and then got lined up. With my spot chosen, it was a wait for the  and then time to get my head down and swim very hard!


My swim was good and saw me enter transition 3rd, I wanted to make the first section of the bike hard to try and split the group which fortunately happened and a group of seven of us got clear – going into the race I said I would be satisfied with a top eight so here was a very good opportunity to make that happen.


No surprise the group didn’t really want to work but as a few girls pulled the odd turn I was prepared to pull more turns to gap the next group . We came into T2 with over a minute, a small group quickly formed but after the first kilometre the podium trio from Europeans broke away and I knew realistically I was racing for 4th.  It was getting close towards the end with America’s Everson close behind but I held on for 4th so was over the moon with that result.


I had two days between my individual race and the relay so I tried to recover quick and get ready to race again – this obviously included a trip to a enormous shopping mall complete with a pirate ship, sea lion show, ice rink and water park!  I was excited to race again and with GB’s track record in relays, hoping to bring back some bling!  I was first leg and after a very very short triathlon passed over to Chris in 4th, he had another solid leg and handed over to Lucy still in 4th – Luce had a great swim (as expected) and came first with a little lead which she  on during the bike meaning Gordon was handed a 30 second lead.


He had another great race after medalling in the individual race and held the gap back to the Aussies and Canadians on the swim/bike meaning he didn’t have to work too hard on the run! He crossed the line and that was it… we were world champions!  We stole the finishing had a little grove on the podium and ate 48 doughnuts between us so all in all it was a very good day!Bwe3UNMIUAEufBY.jpg-large

I still have two more races left, this Friday I fly out to France for my last French grand prix of the year for Team Metz, then back for my last block of training with some heat lab work before heading off to Mexico for my first world cup followed by a little end of season holiday!

Thanks to everyone for their messages over the Championships, all your support has been great and really appreciated but a special mention to my housemates who have been little gems and my lovely mum!

Also thanks for the continued support from Huub, Zoot, Raleigh and Amanzi.

Sophie Coldwell: August Athlete Report Part 2

August Athlete Report (Part 2) by AMANZI Girl Sophie Coldwell

Well, what a crazy weekend it’s been! It started with a very stop-start drive up to Liverpool with mum for our last road trip of the year – the slow journey was bearable due to the fact I had Percy pig and his pals to keep me company. After getting to the hotel it was time for a quick interview, check the logistics of transition and have the athlete briefing where we were told that the weather for the following day wasn’t going to be great with hurricane ‘Bertha’ coming over from America and that we should expect the worse… I’d be lying if i said i wasn’t secretly pleased and the prospect of a slightly colder and wetter race but what we ended up with was far from ideal!

With an afternoon race there was plenty of time to chill in the morning and have a good catch up with Georgia TB who I have missed travelling and racing with this year but I’m sure will be back up and running in no time – I must say her delivery of Cornish fudge was greatly received! After a short delay, a pray to the weather gods and a dance to ‘I can see clearly now the rain has gone’ we were announced down to the start with current world number 1, Gwen Jorgensen heading in first. The start line was crammed so I knew a quick start was going to be vital to set up the rest of the race – I got out well and found myself clear of the field with Jess Learmonth. I quickly dropped onto her feet as I knew this wouldn’t affect her swimming and she would also knock all the jelly fish out of my way! 10599372_10154431505575551_8668933616409168542_n

We got away on the swim with a gap of about 15 seconds to the main group, I knew Jess was a real strong rider too so after transition it was time to get our heads down to try and stay away on the bike.


We got working straight away and managed to increase our lead on every lap. Coming into T2 we had just over a minute to Jorgensen, I knew this wouldn’t be enough to beat her but was confident it would be enough to end up on the podium. By this point in the race the wind had seriously picked up and as some points i’m sure I was running horizontally!

10610812_920155024667533_6337715903167676883_nThe inevitable happened on the final lap as Gwen over took me, I was surprised to hold on for as long as I did and to finish the race in 2nd was more that I could have hoped for. For me the race couldn’t have gone any better, my training has been geared around breakaway scenarios so for it to actually work and pay off was great!  I want to thank everyone who was cheering for me – it was honestly incredible to have all of that support out on the course!

Unfortunately though, as the weather was deteriorating through our race so it became to dangerous for the men’s race to continue which is a real shame as it would have been a good show down!

I had my call up for the world champs yesterday so will be heading out to Canada next Sunday 😀

A quick thanks to Raleigh, Zoot, Amanzi and Huub for helping over this year and to Nixie Turner and Hannah Johnston for letting me steal their photos!

Sophie Coldwell: August Athlete Report Part 1

August Athlete Report (Part 1) by AMANZI Girl Sophie Coldwell

The last two and half weeks have been spent abroad for a race and a training camp – the trip began with drive down to Luton with my mum, travelling buddy Katie Synge, two bike boxes, three people’s luggage, Molly the collie and Daisy the chicken – saying the car was full would be an understatement and yes, we did get some odd looks at the airport when Daisy was brought out of the car to get some fresh air before her onward travel to Kent!

Katie and I made it to Geneva however when we were waiting for our train to our hotel we thought we had ages to kill for the next train, we waited patiently on the platform only to realise we were at the wrong place and that we only had minutes to make the next train on the platform across the station, the lift was broken so it was back up on the escalators (not ideal with bike boxes!) we made the train and after an incident with a grumpy ticket officer and following a very brisk walk through the red light district we made it to our hotel.

The day before the race we decided to go figure out the bike course, it was also a good excuse to check out the beautiful sights!  With no official briefing we armed ourselves with two maps and headed off, we may have got it slightly wrong to start with as it took us 35 minutes to do 5km…. safe to say we could have ran it quicker but we worked it out and we thankfully found the 750m climb as that would have been a bit of a shock in the race if we hadn’t! After a not so straight forward bike reccie, I was convinced the one for the swim would be easier as there was an official one for all the juniors – how wrong could I be! I caught up with the other GB juniors racing and we started swimming to the first buoy, we got 350m out only for a police boat to start circling us and then escort back to land as there had obviously been a lack of communication between the police and the ETU.

Race morning came and it was time to get ready for my last ever european cup as a junior – my first one was back in 2011 in Tiszaujvaros, Hungary where much to the surprise of myself and everyone else I won – since then I have enjoyed a couple of podiums but haven’t won since so was hoping to have a good finish to my junior cup career!

With transition sorted, warm up done and athletes lined up, it was go time! I, alongside youngster Sian Rainsley, set the pace on the swim and lead from the start – the current meant the swim was pretty slow taking over 6 minutes to swim 350 metres but in the words of Dory all we could do was ‘just keep swimming’! After leading the swim out, I had a quick transition and was first on the bike, I got my head down to try and split the group behind – they caught on the hill but there were only eight of us. I should apologise for my sarcastic shouted words of encouragement but I do wonder sometimes if I’m in a triathlon with three disciplines or just a running race with a very long and varied warm up. T2 was good as I was first out and got stuck right in to the run – I led from the beginning and held off the Italian athlete Angelica Olmo to take the win.


After watching the elite women on the Sunday we packed up and headed over to Banyoles in Spain – after a delayed flight we made it and were ready for some sunny training. The two weeks consisted of some track sessions on a track filled with trees, riding up Rocacorba where the views and descent made up for the climb, swimming in the Lake in the centre of Banyoles which was possibly the warmest and clearest place I have ever swam and of course eating plenty of ice cream!


Bt0GsxEIcAAjb_m (1)

It’s now time to get home, move into my new house in Loughborough and get ready for our national championships in Liverpool next weekend where I hope to qualify for the World Champs in Canada three weeks later.

6 Tips on getting chlorine out your swimsuit

How to get chlorine out of your swimsuit

Chlorine is a nasty chemical that you may have noticed damages a swimmer’s hair, skin and swimsuit. To avoid the worst affects of chlorine on swimwear, it is imperative to properly maintain swimwear with basic upkeep. The following tips will not only help you get chlorine out of your swimsuit, but it will also help make your swimsuit last longer:

1. Chlorine Resistant Swimwear
First off, one of the best ways to ensure your swimwear isn’t ruined by chlorine is to invest in chlorine resistant swimwear. All AMANZI swimsuits are made from AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric that helps keep the chlorine from absorbing into your swimwear in the first place. Read more about AMANZI Armor here or click on the image below:


2. Rinse Swimsuit Before Swimming
As a rule, we should always rinse off before entering any pool. An added bonus to this is that rinsing a swimsuit before swimming reduces the amount of chlorine it absorbs as it has already absorbed clean water.

3. Rinse Swimwear After Every Use
When swimwear sits after it has been in the pool, the chlorine will stay in that the fabric and will continue to eat away at it. To avoid this problem just rinse your swimwear with cold tap water after every use.

4. Do Not Ring Out Swimsuits
Ringing out your swimwear does speed up the drying process, but it also breaks down the structure and fabric of the swimwear. Just allow your swimwear to air dry by hanging it up or laying it out flat.

5. Hand Wash Swimsuits
To avoid the fabric of your swimwear from breaking down, the recommended way to wash a swimsuit is by hand washing it. After you machine wash swimwear on a regular cycle the compromised fabric is more likely to absorb chlorine. Most washing machines have a hand wash cycle, but I recommend going the old school way of manually hand washing the swimwear yourself.

Hand washing swimwear is actually pretty easy. Just fill a sink with cold water then mix in some suit saver / tog wash. Let your swimsuit soak in this mixture for around 20 minutes. Once it has soaked massage the swimwear gently to get the chlorine and dirt out. Drain the sink. Next run the swimwear under cold water until the water runs clear.

6. Alternate Swimsuits
Alternating two or three swimsuits gives the swimsuits a chance to dry out and return to its original shape. Swimwear lasts a lot longer if we aren’t constantly keeping it wet and saturated with chlorine by using it every day. Besides, who minds having a couple different cuts and styles of swimwear for the sake of fashion?