10 Fun Facts About Swimming

Here’s some swimming trivia that probably won’t help you lower your time, but will make for a fun read!

  1. The earliest record of swimming was from a Stone Age painting that was created approximately 7,000 years ago.
  2. Elephants can swim around 20 miles a day. They use their trunks as snorkels!
  3. The first ever recorded swim race was held in Japan in 36 BCE.
  4. Swimming became a popular competitive sport in England during the 1830’s.
  5. The first indoor swimming pool, St. George’s Baths, was opened to public in 1828.
  6. The front crawl was introduced to Western swimmers by two Native American at a London swimming competition in 1844.
  7. The first four Olympics were held in open water, not a pool. In consecutive order they took place in the Mediterranean, the Seine River, a manmade lake and the Mediterranean once again.
  8. The average person produces enough saliva in a lifetime to fill two swimming pools.
  9. Women were not allowed to swim in the Olympics until 1912.
  10. In 1910, the first filtration system for a pool was invented.

AMANZI Swimsuits Missing from Sydney Skinny

Over 700 swimmers and not one AMANZI Swimsuit in sight! Well, for a good reason…

More than seven hundred people skinny dipped together in Sydney in late February for an event that raised money for Australia’s parks. As a side note, the event’s goal was to embrace all different body shapes and question body-image standards set by the media and pop culture.

The event was the largest recorded of its kind ever to take place. Although supposedly the year before there were more participants, seven hundred and fifty participants specifically, in the event known as the Sydney Skinny. The nude swimmers swam a 900 meters course shaped like a diamond in the Tasman Sea.

In order to block random peeping Toms and reporters, the event was closed to the public and to attend swimmers had to purchase tickets in advance.

According to the NY Daily News swimmers were given towels to cover-up as soon as they completed their swim. Some swimmers used the chance to write words and slogans on their body, including three women who wrote the word “Skinny” on their backsides.

If you had the chance would you skinny dip with a bunch of strangers for a good cause?  Let us know with a comment below!

McKeon, Wilson & Leonhardt Blizt the Pool at NSW State Championships

Recently three of our AMANZI Girls competed at the NSW State Open Championships, held in Sydney Australia and came away brilliant results.

Emma McKeon had a stand out meet winning two gold medals in the 100m (53.80) and 200m (1.56.23) Freestyle. McKeon posted a world class time in the 200m free, which would have placed her in 4th spot at last years World Championships. McKeon also finished 3rd in the 100m Fly (59.36) and 5th in the 50m Free (25.48).

Madison Wilson also excelled winning two silver medals in the 200m Back (2.10.33) and 50m Back (28.66) and a bronze in the 100m Back (1.00.32). Madi also finished in 17th place in the 200m Free (2.03.14).

Our junior multiclass swimmer Paige Leonhardt also competed at the championships. Paige who is only 13yrs year of age competed in a whopping 6 events. She finished in 8th place in the 100m Breaststroke, 15th in the 400m Free, 16th in the 100m Fly, 19th in 100m Backstroke and 200IM and 21st int he 50m Free.

Paige also recently competed at the NSW State Country Championships in the multiclass open age events. She finished 4th in 50m free, back and fly and placed 3rd in the 50m breaststroke. She also broke the Australian & State record in the MC girls 13 years and under 50m breaststroke.

Well done Emma, Madi & Paige!


Five Fun Facts From February

It’s our favorite time of the month, receiving AMANZI Girl Tamsyn Moana-Veale month in review. This month Tamsyn shares Five Fun Facts from February!

Favourite Session
Teams Pursuit on the Velodrome. Not quite the proper wooden boarded velodromes with track bikes, but with two teams of four on the shallow banks of the Wollongong Velodrome, it’s a hard and competitive session and once I got the hang of using the bank to build up speed- so much fun as well! Aussies Vs Internationals; possibly the best way to ensure everyone’s ready to get the most out of the session.

Furthest Ride Week: 630km
I’m tired. I think I’m allowed to be after this week. Thankfully I’ve had the Canadian Sarah-Anne ‘I Run Track’ Brault to keep me company throughout the, for lack of a better term; ordeal. Team pursuits, Jamberoo Mountain Loop, Bald Hill, Macquarie Pass, 40km team time trials, Hour of Power, Motor Pacing- chuck it all into a week and there you go, easy done. Oh and a cheeky ‘Form Indicator’ chucked in at the end of the week, just checking in, in case I’d somehow managed not to get any stronger after that. Unfortunately all that was indicated was that my legs were tired. Strangely enough, for someone who once thought anything over 60min was a long ride, I’m enjoying the riding and I know it produces results so I guess I’ll continue to literally live the motto “On ya bike”.

First Exam: (in three years)
Three hour Economics exam. Three. Hours. I don’t even remember the last time I sat in the same spot for that long without being asleep. It was brutal, but –touch wood- I think it went well. Whilst my attention is not 100% focused on my study, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied with my results, with training taking priority, I’m scraping by on the bare minimum. A pass is all I need, but definitely not what I want. Still, I’ve got the privilege to live the elite athlete life, I’ve accepted that my studies can take a back seat and I’ll make the most of the opportunities I have now.

Free time: Or ‘Pleasant Activities’ as the cool kids are saying these days…
Basically anything non-triathlon related that makes you happy. Apparently ‘doing nothing’ doesn’t constitute an activity, but there are definitely times were zoning out completely and just lying down with no pressing matters, is one of the best feelings. I’m also fortunate that a couple of my old school friends live in the area, so catching up with them for dinner or coffee is a great way to refresh. They have always been amazingly supportive of me and I’m grateful to have them in my life.

Freedom of Expression
Yeah, so I’m clutching at straws trying to find something that begins with ‘F’ in order to keep the theme going, but bear with me, we can roll with this. For those that know me well, I’m quite vocal. Probably those who don’t know me so well will also have noticed this, the person who never shuts up is hard to ignore. Partially it’s because open my mouth before my brain has had a chance to process the thought, and other times it’s because I’m so bad at lying and hiding what I’m thinking, that there’s really no point in it. For the most part though, I’m a believer of saying what you think, get the problems out in the open and solve them then and there. It doesn’t always make me the most popular person though… “Still friends? … I’ll come back later…”

That’s all for now!

Tamsyn Moana-Veale

8 Tips to Help Protect Yourself from Chlorine

As swimmers, we cannot help being exposed to chlorine due to the nature of our sport. Some of us are lucky enough to have access to indoor and outdoor pools that use salt or UV filters, but not everyone has access to such facilities. Of course, even if you do normally swim in a pool that doesn’t use chlorine, during competition or holidays it may be impossible to avoid chlorine.

Some of the health risks associated with chlorine include higher risks of some types of cancer, asthma and other health issues. We don’t really want to scare anyone out of the water, but these are issues to be aware of if you spend a lot of time in chlorinated water. It is important to know that some of the dangers are not scientifically proven yet, but some think it is better to be safe rather than sorry. You can read more about conflicting evidence here.

A blogger known as Wellness Mama posted some advice on how to minimize the damage done by chlorine.

Here are some of her tips with some additional tips of our own:

  1. Use Vitamin C: Take vitamin C internally and externally helps reduce the harsh exposure to chlorine.
  2. Filter chlorinated drinking and shower water: Invest in filters for your drinking and showering water to minimize chlorine exposure at home.
  3. Swim outdoors: A lot of the harm from chlorine comes from breathing in chlorine in the air, especially at indoor pools with poor ventilation. One way to avoid this is by swimming in an outdoor pool where the chemicals cannot get trapped for you to breathe in.
  4. Protect Hair and Eyes: Always wear goggles and a swim cap to the pool. AMANZI Triathlete Jodie Duff always wears a silicone swim cap at training.Jodie Duff
  5. Lotions and shampoos: There are a lot of shampoos, conditioners and lotions available to get chlorine out of the hair and off the body after swim sessions. There are also some lotions available that perhaps protect the skin from chlorine exposure.
  6. Shower after each swim session: Some swim sessions can be grueling, and some swimmers (especially younger ones) may be tempted to skip showering. It is wiser (and less smelly) to take a shower to get the chlorine off the skin.
  7. Avoid chlorinated and poorly ventilated indoor pools: You can ask about the systems that are in place to take care of the pool. When in doubt, if the smell of chlorine indoors is really strong, chances are the pool isn’t well ventilated. Most swimmers also know the uncomfortable feeling of swimming in a pool that uses way too much chlorine.
  8. Get involved: If it is a community pool, you could even get involved to get these systems updated by coordinating with other swimmers to make changes happen. Even if it is a private pool, chances are if enough customers complain the owners will take action.


Whey Protein: 3 Benefits for Hardcore Swimmers

After a strenuous swimming session, your body is starving for nutrients. You probably have an aching, gnawing hunger in your stomach, and nothing but good eats on your mind. This is totally normal! However, satisfying this growling beast is harder than simply grabbing a cheeseburger from McDonalds. You need something good for you – something that will fuel your body while feeding your muscles and restoring functional calories. It also helps if your prospective meal is delicious!

Ask any hardcore athlete about nutrition and the one thing they agree on is protein after swimming or any other arduous training session is beneficial. So here are 3 benefits of Whey Protein for Hardcore Swimmers:

1. Whey Protein builds lean body mass.

Most swimmers bodies are compact and lean with condensed muscles that glide effortlessly through the water. Whey Protein sends bioactive peptides and useful amino acids to fatigued muscles, building them back up to be stronger and better than they were previously.

2. Whey Protein feeds your hunger.

Remember what we said about being ravenously hungry after a sweat-drenched workout? Whey Protein can help this! Protein is exactly what your body needs to stop hunger and completely satisfy any niggling cravings you might have incurred during training. You will feel fuller for longer simply by adding Whey Protein to a healthy shake after a rigorous swimming session.

3. Whey Protein comes in a variety of awesome flavors

Personally, we think Whey Protein tastes tons better when chocolate or strawberry have been added for a kick of awesome flavor. However, there is also a plain powder that is perfect sprinkled over or within your favorite foods. You can add a kick of protein to almost anything – but if you’re a flavor-enthusiast, look for different selections that tantalize your taste-buds while providing those aforementioned benefits.


Underground Swimming Pools in Paris

A candidate for Paris’ mayor, Nathalie Kosciusko-Morizet, wants the city of Paris to eventually convert abandoned metro stations into community spaces to benefit citizens and visitors. Many different ideas are being thrown around on what should fill the space including gardens, nightclubs and libraries, but our favorite idea of all was a swimming pool!

Can you imagine swimming underground in Paris? Well it’s no secret the team at AMANZI love  all things Paris, you only need to take a look at the AMANZI Parisian Chic One Piece Swimsuit from the 2014 AMANZI Swimwear Collection. Our iconic AMANZI Girl is shopping the streets of our favorite city…Paris!

Parisian Chic One PieceNow back to the story! The idea to convert the ghost stations into pools combines our two favorite things- swimming and Paris- to create something completely unique. Architects behind this idea are suggesting exactly how the city could manage re-purposing the stations.

“This project aims to bring back to life these ghost stations by giving them a new purpose,” Manal Rachdi, a French architect working on the project said in a statement over e-mail to the Smithsonian Magazine. “To swim in the metro seems like a crazy dream, but it could soon come true!” By utilizing the abandoned station, he added, the city also could make up for a lack of sporting facilities available in some areas of the capital city.

There are currently 11 stations that sit unused, because the stations either closed down during World War II or never opened in the first place. If Morizet is elected, these stations may be given a new lease on life in an unexpected way. Who knew Parisian politics and swimming could be so closely intertwined?

View mockups of the idea here.

We love the idea of making swimming more accessible to everyone. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if there were more swimmers in it, well we think so! Do you have any unused spaces in your community you could see being converted into swimming pools? Perhaps it is time to contact your local representative or government official with this idea.


AMANZI Triathlete Gillian Sanders Opens up about Olympic Experience to Modern Athlete Magazine

We are thrilled to announce AMANZI Triathlete Gillan Sanders is featured in this month’s Modern Athlete Magazine. Gillian discussed how difficult training for the Olympics was, and how she plans to continue with her career as an athlete. You can read the full story here.

In the London 2012 Olympics Gillian represented South Africa in the Olympics Women’s Triathlon. After only 18 months as a professional athlete, she found herself preparing to compete among the top athletes in the world. She finished 19th out of 55 women. Currently she is gearing up for the Rio 2016 Olympics, but will think about retiring after the Rio Olympics since she will be 34 years old.

After competing in the 2012 Olympics Gillian has been struggling to gain momentum, but she predicts great things for the 2014 season. She told the Modern Athlete Magazine:

“I think people underestimate how much an Olympic year takes out of you and the difficulty in coming back the following year from such a high. However, it has made me hungry again. While I felt deflated at the end of the last (2013) season, I feel ‘uber-motivated’ now! I can’t wait for the 2014 season and to express my full potential.”

So what’s her secret to getting back on the bike and releasing her full potential? Get rid of the negative thoughts…

“I use a method created by Dr Steve Peters (psychiatrist to British Cycling & Team Sky) in his book ‘The Chimp Paradox’. Basically, anything negative that comes into your head is classified as a ‘threat’ or getting ‘hijacked by your chimp’. I will go through my ‘threats’ with my coach before each race and counter them. For example, perhaps a threat for me would be, ‘what if I don’t have my run legs when I jump off the bike?’. This would be countered with, ‘that is just silly, you have been running really well in training/doing lots of brick sessions, and there is no reason why this would happen.’ So each and every threat gets countered and you can go into the race knowing that you’ve dealt with all those little voices.”

We are excited to see how Gillian will do this 2014 season. With her positive attitude and exemplary discipline, there are no doubt good things in her future career as a triathlete.

Click on the article below to read the full interview…

Gillian Sanders Modern Athlete Magazine


Penny Hayes – Oceania Sprint Championships Kinloch

AMANZI Triathlete Penny Hayes competed at the Oceania Sprint Championships in Kinloch over the weekend. Penny finished in 12th place in the individual race and 3rd place in the teams race, where she led out the swim leg.

Penny had a lot of fast tough racing over the weekend but it was a great start to the new race season.

Penny Hayes

Tamsyn Moana-Veale back in the Gong!

Monthly Report by AMANZI Triathlete Tamsyn Moana-Veale

Welcome back to Wollongong, Wizards! It feels good to be back in my third home, routine is quickly re-established and it’s like I never left. I’m not sure what it is about Wollongong, but it always feels like I’ve got lots of things to do; training, testing, grocery shopping, coffee stops, uni study and visits to Spearman’s Bike Shop, I mean I hardly have time to squeeze in my daily afternoon nana-nap. Life’s tough. Speaking of Spearman’s, I have an exciting announcement; my beautiful new Liv/Giant Envie arrived for me at the beginning of this month. Thanks so much to Jo Hall from Giant and the guys (and Jess) at Spearman’s! Also a big thanks to Aaron Lean for the Retul Bike Fit, it really is the seemingly small adjustments that make a huge difference. Or as the Head Wizard puts it; “99% right is 100% wrong”. You get his meaning even if you can’t quite over the minor mathematical improbabilities.

Matte black with a dash of purple! Definately a 'Girl" bike! I've named her Cat!

Matte black with a dash of purple! Definitely a ‘Girl” bike! I’ve named her Cat!

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get used to the Envie already, with the return to old stomping grounds in the form of the “Lap of the Lake” loop every Saturday and long rides through the National Park. I even got the opportunity to meant some other Giant loving Ladies on a Liv/Giant Ladies ride myself and a few of the other girls did late last week. My favourite rides concluded with a Diggies Café coffee stop afterwards, a chance to relax and have a deluge into the dictionary and extend the vocabulary past the standard ride conversation generally consisting of Yep – Car – Back – Left – Hole – Lights – Just Wait For Me At The Top – Help.

TamsynTamsynBack in the ‘Gong’ also brings about one specific training session; Friday Open Water Beach sessions. Sometimes terrifying, always fun. My tried and tested top tip for catching a wave? The element of surprise! The surprise part coming from me when I somehow find myself body surfing, same-said surprise escalating exponentially the longer I stay on the wave. I find confidence and ability in the body surfing builds slowly until it drops suddenly and unexpectedly.

TamsynFinally, expect some exciting news to head your way shortly in the form of a new range of AMANZI Swimwear! I’m giddy with expectation already, absolutely loved the last range!

TamsynTamsyn xxx