Why Swimmers Are So Healthy  

Want the workout of a lifetime? Jump right in! The pool is the perfect place to transform your health. Ask any die-hard swimmer or fitness pro and they will tell you that swimming is one of the best things that you can do for your body. Ready to get moving? Here are a few reasons why swimming is such an amazing workout.

Swimming makes your body WORK. If you don’t swim, you sink. No excuses allowed! Unlike running where you can slow down and not notice it, you always have forces working against you in the water. Your muscles have to constantly be pushing to keep you going. This means that you will automatically be getting a strength and cardio workout every time you dive in- no planning required!

Swimmers have incredibly healthy lungs. Being able to hold your breath is one of the keys to becoming a good swimmer. As you spend more and more time in the water, you body will get used to reduced oxygen levels and start to use the oxygen that you do have more efficiently. Compared to all other athletes, swimmers have some of the best functioning lungs on the planet.

AMANZI Girl Chloe

Photo credit @thechloekay

Swimming is low impact. It is a great way to workout while avoiding overtaxing your body. Whether you are injured or just trying to prevent injury, swimming is easy on your joints so you don’t feel the same wear and tear that you would if you were out running or working out in the gym. This also means that you never have to take a break from swimming. Whether you are injured, pregnant or just getting too old for the gym, you can still swim with zero issues. The water is very forgiving and makes it easy for everybody to get started and keep moving forward.

Swimmers are relaxed. Ever wonder why surfers are so laid back? It’s because water helps you chill out! Swimmers get those same benefits. Not only do you get those amazing exercise endorphins, you also get that special relaxation that only the water can bring. According to experts, just submerging your body in water makes you feel more at ease and reduces your risk of long term stress.

Swimmers stay younger. According to a recent study, swimmers are biologically a whopping 20 years younger than their actual ages. By reducing cholesterol levels and blood pressure as well as improving your muscle mass, cognitive functioning, cardiovascular system, and central nervous system health, swimmers can slow down the clock.

Swimming is a truly full body workout. Few workouts push your entire body into motion like swimming. By calling on often-ignored muscles like your lats, deltoids, and traps while pushing your core and lower back to its limits, swimming will get you into the best shape of your life. Did we mention that it will give you killer arm, leg and shoulder muscles too?

Swimming will help you manage your weight. In fact, few workouts will burn calories quite as efficiently as swimming. You can expect to burn upwards of 600 calories per hour in the water. That is more than biking or running!

Georgia Davies secures her ticket to Rio

We are very excited to announce that AMANZI Swimmer Georgia Davies has secured a spot for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Georgia won the 100m Backstroke, with the third best time of her career and her fastest time since the Commonwealth Games in 2014.  However, despite winning the 100m Backstroke, the new British Champion had to anxiously await official selection due to the controversially difficult qualifying times.

Nevertheless, the official announcement came late last week that Georgia is now off to her second Olympics and we couldn’t be happier for Georgia.

The British Paralympic Trials is currently underway with AMANZI Girls Jessica-Jane Applegate MBE and Hannah Russell both racing and hoping to qualify for their second Paralympics.

2016 Australian Olympic Trials

We are very proud to announce that AMANZI Girl Paige Leonhardt has qualified for the 2016 Rio Paralympics! At only 15 years of age, Paige was announced as part of the team following her performances at the Australian Olympic Trials in Adelaide this week!

Congratulations also to AMANZI Girl Calypso Sheridan making two Open National Finals and finishing 7th in both the 200 IM and 400 IM.

AMANZI Girl Calypso Sheridan

Many of our other AMANZI Girls backed up an amazing week at Australian Age Championships the previous week, with even more impressive results. Tanya Stovgaard placed 8th in the 50m Backstroke Final, with AMANZI Girls Imogen Watson and Mia Rolfe finishing 9th and 11th respectively in the semi-finals. Mia Rolfe also finished 12th in the 50m Freestyle against Australia’s fastest in a time of 25.87.

Other standout swims from our AMANZI Girls included:

Calypso Sheridan – 10th 200m Breaststroke, 12th 100m Backstroke

Jessica Adams – 15th 200m Backstroke

Tahlia Blanshard – 6th 50m MC Butterfly, 7th 50m MC Backstroke


Australian Age Championships Multi Class Swimming

Our AMANZI Girls, Keira, Tahlia and Paige have finished off the final two days of Australian Age Championships with outstanding results in the Multi Class events. A huge congratulations to the girls and their results below!

Keira Stephens 

1st 11-14yo 100m Backstroke MC

1st 11-14yo 50m Breaststroke MC

1st 11-14yo 50m Backstroke MC

1st 11-14yo 100m Breaststroke MC

2nd 11-14yo 100m Freestyle MC

3rd 11-14yo 50m Butterfly MC

Tahlia Blanshard

3rd 15-16yo 100m Butterfly MC

4th 15-16yo 50m Freestyle MC

4th 15-16yo 100m Butterfly MC

5th 11-15yo 200m IM MC

5th 15-16yo 100m Breaststroke MC

7th 15-16yo 100m Freestyle MC

AMANZI Girls Paige and Tahlia

AMANZI Girls Paige and Tahlia

Paige Leonhardt 

1st 11-15yo 200m IM MC

1st 15-16yo 50m Breaststroke MC

1st 15-16yo 100m Breaststroke MC

3rd 15-16yo 100m Butterfly MC

Paige and Tahlia will both now be going on to compete at Australian Championships and looking to qualify for Rio! Good luck girls!

Australian Age Championships Day 5 & 6

A very big two days to finish off the 2016 Australian Age Championships. Congratulations to Tanya Stovgaard with silver in the 16yo 200m Backstroke and bronze in the 16yo 100m Butterfly. Another two amazing swims by young gun Jenna Forrester, winning bronze in the 12-13yo 400m Individual Medley and the 400m Freestyle, and coming home with a total of 5 individual medals from the week. Well done to Larah Fedalto on silver in the 14yo 100m Backstroke.

AMANZI Australian Age Championship Team

A huge congratulations also to Larah Fedalto and Jenna Forrester part of the St Peters Western 14&U 200m Freestyle Relay winning gold and setting a new Australian Record. AMANZI Girls Rosie Addison and Taegen Coxhill also won a gold medal in the 18&U 400m IM relay as part of the winning Nunawading team.

An amazing two nights of top 10 finishes for our AMANZI Girls:

Jess Adams – 4th 17-18yo 200m Backstroke

Ashaya Morgan – 6th 12-13yo 400 Individual Medley

Claire Coten – 7th 15yo 200m Freestyle

Taegen Coxhill – 4th 16yo 100m Butterfly

Chelsea Austin – 10th 14yo 400m Individual Medley

Katalina Siburian – 10th 15yo 200m Breaststroke

Tanya Stovgaard – 4th 16yo 200m Individual Medley

Isabel Lampre – 6th 15yo 200m Individual Medley

Kayla Costa – 8th 14yo 200m Freestyle

Tyler-Marie Ransby – 10th 14yo 200m Freestyle

Reef Rohde – 5th 12-13yo 100m Backstroke

Amy Van Dongen – 7th 17-18yo 100m Freestyle

Emily Racki – 5th 16yo 200m Backstroke

Breana Gilroy – 9th 16yo 200m Backstroke

Isabel Lampre – 7th 15yo 100m Butterfly

Congratulations to all our AMANZI Girls on an amazing week of racing and good luck to AMANZI Girls Paige Leonhardt, Tahlia Blanshard and Keira Stephens racing in the upcoming Multi Class Events.



Australian Age Championships Day 4

Incredible night of racing in Adelaide last night on Day 4 of the Australian Age Championships, with our AMANZI Girls taking home 5 medals.

Huge congratulations to our two Australian Champions Larah Fedalto in the 14yo 50m Freestyle in a time of 26.06 and Mia Rolfe in the 15yo 100m Backstroke in a time of 1.03.53.

Big congratulations to Jenna Forrester on a close 2nd place in the 12-13yo 100m Freestyle. Rebekah Sefton also stood out in the 16yo 200m Freestyle, taking home her second bronze medal for the meet. Congratulations to Sachi Morrow who also won bronze in the 16yo 200m Breaststroke.

AMANZI Girls Bek Sefton and Breana Gilroy

AMANZI Girls Bek Sefton and Breana Gilroy

Other standout swims from the finals session included:

Emily Racki – 10th 16yo 200m Freestyle

Isabel Lampre – 10th 15yo 100m Backstroke

Tyler-Marie Ransby – 5th 14yo 100m Freestyle

Only two more days to go! Keep up the amazing effort AMANZI Girls!

Australian Age Championships Day 3

AMANZI Girl Chelsea Austin

AMANZI Girl and 200m Butterfly Finalist Chelsea Austin

Day 3 and the AMANZI Girls are not slowing down! Another four individual medals for our AMANZI Girls last night, some great personal bests all round and very close swims.

Congratulations to Kayla Costa taking silver in the 14yo 200m Butterfly, her second individual medal for the meet. The 16yo 100m Backstroke proved to be an amanzi-ng race with five AMANZI Girls competing in the final and AMANZI Girls Tanya Stovgaard and Taegen Coxhill taking out 2nd and 3rd respectively. Natasha Ramsden also backed up her medal in the 100m Freestyle the night before with bronze in the 15yo 50m Freestyle.

Congratulations to our other AMANZI Girls in their finals swims last night!

Chelsea Austin – 9th 14yo 200m Butterfly

Jess Adams – 8th 17-18yo 200m Free

Amy van Dongen – 9th 17-18yo 200m Free

Imogen Watson – 5th 16yo 100m Backstroke

Annabelle Druce – 7th 16yo 100m Backstroke

Emily Racki – 8th 16yo 100m Backstroke

Claire Coten – 10th 15yo 400m Freestyle

Larah Fedalto – 4th 14yo 100m Freestyle

Sachi Morrow – 4th 16yo 400m Individual Medley

Congratulations to our AMANZI Girls who were also part of medal winning relay teams last night, including Larah Fedalto in medal winning 200m Individual Medley Relay and Taegen Coxhill part of the Nunawading team which took out the 16&U 400m Freestyle Relay.

Australian Age Championships Day 2

AMANZI Girls Annabelle and Tash

AMANZI Girls Annabelle Druce and Natasha Ramsden, half of the Abbotsleigh Gold Medal relay team

The AMANZI Nationals team backed it up with another great night of racing last night. Big congratulations to the St Peters Western pocket rocket Jenna Forrester who won the 12-13yo 200m Individual Medley. Congratulations also to Natasha Ramsden finishing with bronze in the 15yo 100m Freestyle and Tanya Stovgaard who also won bronze in the 16yo 50m Free.

Other notable finals swims last night included:

Claire Coten – 6th 15yo 100m Freestyle

Mia Rolfe – 8th 15yo 100m Freestyle

Jessica Adams – 7th 17-18yo 100m Backstroke

Rebekah Sefton – 6th 16yo 50m Freestyle

Emma Malcolm – 7th 16yo 50m Freestyle

Sachi Morrow – 5th 16yo 100m Breaststroke

Skye Norris – 10th 14yo 800m Freestyle

Congratulations also to Annabelle Druce and Natasha Ramsden, part of the gold medal winning Abbotsleigh relay team in the 16&U 400m IM Relay and Larah Fedalto, part of the gold medal winning St Peters Western relay team in the 18&U 400m Free Relay.

Australian Age Championships Day 1

AMANZI Australian Age Nationals Team

A great first night of racing for our AMANZI Girls at Australian Age Championships in Adelaide last night!

Big congratulations to AMANZI Girl Kayla Costa from Nunawading Swim Club winning the 14-year-old 100m Butterfly to become the Australian Age Group Champion. Congratulations to AMANZI Girls Jenna Forrester and Freya Jetson coming third in the 12-13yo 200m Freestyle and 15yo 200m Backstroke respectively.

An amazing race in the 16yo 100m Freestyle Final with AMANZI Girls Bek Sefton, Emma Malcolm, Emily Racki and Tanya Stovgaard all going head to head. Awesome work by Bek Sefton to finish third!

Congratulations to our other AMANZI Girls who finished in the top 10 last night:

Amy Van Dongen – 10th 17-18yo 50m Freestyle

Ashaya Morgan – 5th 12-13yo 200m Freestyle

Rosie Addison – 4th 15yo 200m Backstroke

Izzy Lampre – 9th 15yo 200m Backstroke

Tanya Stovgaard – 7th 16yo 100m Free

Emily Racki – 9th 16yo 100m Free

Emma Malcolm – 10th 16yo 100m Free

Even more to come on day two, with 9 of our AMANZI Girls qualifying for tonight’s finals!

Hot Cross Buns

Hot Cross Buns

Image and recipe via @thebitingtruth

Resident dietitians Alex and Anna from the Biting Truth taught us how to make delicious hot cross buns, the perfect treat for the Easter long weekend!

Serves 10 | Prep time: 15 minutes | Cooking time: 10-15 minutes


  • 5-6 medijool dates, chopped finely
  • 3 cups wholemeal flour
  • 1 cup wholegrain oats
  • 1 tsp salt
  • 3 tsp baking powder
  • 2 tsp ground cinnamon
  • 2 eggs (keep 1 to glaze)
  • 1/4 cup olive oil
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 1 cup milk
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 100g dark chocolate


  1. Preheat the oven to 180°C.
  2. In a bowl, combine flour, oats, salt, cinnamon, dates and baking powder and stir well.
  3. Add in one egg, honey, vanilla extract, olive oil and 50g of dark chocolate (finely chopped). Stir well to combine.
  4. Slowly add in the milk, to ensure the mix forms a sticky dough texture.
  5. Roll handfuls of the mixture into balls and placed on a baking tray, lined with baking powder
  6. Whisk the second egg in a bowl and using a pastry brush, glaze the top of each bun.
  7. Place in the oven and allow to cook for 10-15 minutes (or until golden).
  8. Melt the remaining chocolate and form crosses on each bun (be careful not to go overboard on the chocolate as it is quite easy to do!).

Check out more delicious and nutritious recipes at www.thebitingtruth.com