The AMANZI Proback One Piece is an all purpose training swimsuit engineered to fit the needs of both competitive and active swimmers.

The thin shoulder straps are designed to reduce the weight placed on the neck and shoulder muscles and allow for maximum freedom and ease of movement whilst swimming.

The wide open back follows the natural contours of the body providing an ergonomic fit and superior comfort.

The medium cut leg is suitable for all figures.

AMANZI One Piece


The Active Sports Bikini is designed to provide competitive and active swimmers with a fully functional bikini.

The Active Sports Bikini top features thin shoulder straps designed to reduce the weight placed on the neck and shoulder muscles. The wider back band provides security and support through the back and bust area. The hidden underbust drawstring cord adds functionality preventing the swimsuit from moving.

The Active Sports Bikini pants sit on the hips and have a hidden drawstring cord for a secure fit.

The medium cut leg is suitable for all figures.



AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric
AMANZI Armor Chlorine Resistant Fabric Provides maximum durability, strength and long lasting wear even after prolonged use. Designed and milled in Italy.
100% Polyester Lining
100% Polyester Lining Full front polyester lining for additional chlorine resistance, durability and strength.
Maximum 50+ UV Protection
Maximum 50+ UV Protection Protects the skin from the suns harmful UV rays with a maximum protection rating of UPF 50+ wet or dry.
Bar Tack Re-enforcement
Bar Tack Re-enforcement Bar tack re-enforcement stitching on stress points to provide maximum strength and durability.
Medium Leg Height
Medium Leg Height The medium cut leg height has been designed to provide moderate coverage. Ideal for all figures.
Placement Print
Placement Print Print placed on each swimsuit for a consistent appearance between swimsuits.
Repeat Print
Repeat Print Print is repeated multiple times creating a unique look on each swimsuit
Printed Binding
Printed Binding Individually designed and printed binding to enhance the appearance of the swimsuit.
	Hidden Underbust Drawstring
Hidden Underbust Drawstring Provides a secure fit, lift, support and functionality to the bust area. Prevents the swimsuit from moving.
Hidden Waist Drawstring
Hidden Waist Drawstring Provides a secure fit preventing the swimsuit from moving when diving or swimming.