Double Olympian Ekaterina wearing an orange AMANZI Tie Back Suit

AMANZI Girl Bosses: Ekaterina Avramova

Let me introduce to you to one of the biggest, baddest (she’s actually lovely) Girl Bosses I know!

Fast facts on Ekaterina Avramova

Having been born in Bulgarian, training in London, and a permanent fixture on the Turkish National team, Katy is is a multinational woman of mystery!… Ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration – Katy actually shares some really interesting facts about herself on her blog here.

Take a read and you’ll soon find out that Katy is a double Olympian, has qualified for 11 European and 8 World Championships, and did I mention she currently holds ALL Turkish National Backstroke records?

But what makes Katy a truly impressive girl boss is her dedication and hard work – and the way she encourages others to put the same effort into the things they love.

So here’s to you Ekaterina! Keep on Girl Bossin’.