AMANZI Triathlete Gillian Sanders Opens up about Olympic Experience to Modern Athlete Magazine

We are thrilled to announce AMANZI Triathlete Gillan Sanders is featured in this month’s Modern Athlete Magazine. Gillian discussed how difficult training for the Olympics was, and how she plans to continue with her career as an athlete. You can read the full story here.

In the London 2012 Olympics Gillian represented South Africa in the Olympics Women’s Triathlon. After only 18 months as a professional athlete, she found herself preparing to compete among the top athletes in the world. She finished 19th out of 55 women. Currently she is gearing up for the Rio 2016 Olympics, but will think about retiring after the Rio Olympics since she will be 34 years old.

After competing in the 2012 Olympics Gillian has been struggling to gain momentum, but she predicts great things for the 2014 season. She told the Modern Athlete Magazine:

“I think people underestimate how much an Olympic year takes out of you and the difficulty in coming back the following year from such a high. However, it has made me hungry again. While I felt deflated at the end of the last (2013) season, I feel ‘uber-motivated’ now! I can’t wait for the 2014 season and to express my full potential.”

So what’s her secret to getting back on the bike and releasing her full potential? Get rid of the negative thoughts…

“I use a method created by Dr Steve Peters (psychiatrist to British Cycling & Team Sky) in his book ‘The Chimp Paradox’. Basically, anything negative that comes into your head is classified as a ‘threat’ or getting ‘hijacked by your chimp’. I will go through my ‘threats’ with my coach before each race and counter them. For example, perhaps a threat for me would be, ‘what if I don’t have my run legs when I jump off the bike?’. This would be countered with, ‘that is just silly, you have been running really well in training/doing lots of brick sessions, and there is no reason why this would happen.’ So each and every threat gets countered and you can go into the race knowing that you’ve dealt with all those little voices.”

We are excited to see how Gillian will do this 2014 season. With her positive attitude and exemplary discipline, there are no doubt good things in her future career as a triathlete.

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