Are you ready to try the hottest new workout trend of the year? Take a break from the pool and start boxing! Whether you are a lover or a fighter, this is the perfect workout for you. And, don’t worry, nobody is going to punch your lights out.

If you’re looking for something high energy and fun, this is the perfect way to get in better shape. Burn calories, improve your coordination and learn some self-defence tactics with one of our favourite new ways to get your heart pumping.

The Boxercise trend started way back in 1992 when Andy Wake started his first class in the UK. His goal was to create a class that everyone, of all fitness levels, could enjoy without having to worry about walking around with a black eye.

Before you go to your first boxercise class, you’ll want to know what to expect. First things first, you should know that there’s no boxing ring. You won’t need a mouth guard or headgear. Leave your Rocky dreams at the door and great ready to sweat.

Boxercise classes are based on the training techniques that boxers use to stay in great shape. The classes typically involve skipping rope, shadow-boxing, kicking punch bags, hitting pads and doing sit-ups. Most beginner classes are a mixed group of men and women of all fitness levels.

In most Boxercise classes, you will work in pairs to develop speed, agility, balance and power while mastering all of the important punches like jab, cross, head hooks, body hooks, and uppercuts. Of course, it’s all contact-free. To practice your moves, you’ll be punching pads.

During your Boxercise session, you will keep your body constantly moving. By skipping, punching, weaving and ducking during the entire session, you can burn up to 1000 calories in a single class. If you are bored with sitting on gym equipment and not seeing results, this is the programme for you.

If you’re looking for a fun way to lose some weight, this is the ticket. Because Boxercise is based on High Intensity Interval Training (HITT), you’ll be burning fat at a maximum rate. In fact, according to the latest and great fitness science, you can burn nearly 20% more fat with HITT than tradition workout routines.

Boxercise fanatics are always bragging about much they have transformed themselves through the programme. It’s a great way to release your aggression, de-stress and develop a sense of discipline. Of course, on top all the stress release that it provides, you’ll also improve your fitness level, increase your muscle tone and strength and become more flexible while increasing your coordination and stamina.

So, what are you waiting for? Boxercise is perfect for any fitness level so don’t be shy. Even if you feel totally clueless about boxing moves, you will definitely have a good time trying your hand at boxing.

As Boxercise becomes more popular, there are classes popping up all over the globe. Why not check out a local session and start boxing your way to fitness!