Fun! Friendships, Unbelievable experiences and New challenges

For as long as I can remember my mum’s parting words as she drops me to training are…have fun. So that’s what I try to do every session -even in competition. If I am happy and having fun, even when I compete, then the more consistently I perform. I guess because I am performing relaxed.

Diving to me is FUN and if fun were an acronym for me it would mean:  Friendships, Unbelievable experiences and New challenges.


Transitioning from gymnastics to diving as a 10 year old was a hard decision but one I do not regret for one minute because I have made some amazing lifelong friends. My diving friends are like family (Well I do spend nearly as many hours with them) and my closest friendships are with girls that live in every corner of Australia who I have met through diving. It is actually really good to have friends in your sport who get you, have similar goals, who you can have fun with and who I can face time daily! (thanks social media)

U…nbelievable experiences

Diving has provided me with some of my most memorable and unbelievable experiences. To date I have traveled to Singapore, Amsterdam, Dresden and Russia with my diving and I am certainly keen to add more to that list. Experiencing other cultures, making friends around the globe all while doing what you love to do is definitely my idea of fun.

N…ew challenges

I love the hard work and pain of intense training and achieving goals I set for myself-to me this is fun. I love that every day provides a new challenge and I am surrounded by inspirational athletes who motivate me to work hard. I love turning up for training and challenging myself to be better than I was the day before and achieving goals I set for myself.

I truly feel lucky that I get to have fun every day and that I get to do it in my AMANZI’s. I hope you are having fun and doing what makes you happy too.

Until next month

Jade x