How to Become ADDICTED to Positivity

At AMANZI we don’t normally encourage addiction in any form! Even addiction to swimming can be unhealthy on the body – although I know many of you swimmers out there would beg to differ. Becoming addicted to positivity is one of the few cases we’ll make an exception… you also can become addicted to our swimwear if you want!

Getting addicted to positivity is a good thing though! Of all our years of working hard towards living the coveted upbeat lifestyle, these are the two approaches which helped us out the most.

Offer Positive Reinforcement for Your Positivity
I know this is a bit of a tongue twister, but please bare with me. What I mean by “offer positive reinforcement for your positivity” is simple: reward yourself when you are positive.
The thing is, generally when you are doing something positive, the award comes forth itself without needing to add sugar on top, but adding that little extra cherry on top is a great way to make sure you return to positivity.

There is no harm in a little extra pat on the back for trying to live a happier life. Psychology has proven over and over when we reinforce behaviors with something good after, it helps rewire our brain to think said behavior is good, making it more likely you’ll follow the path of happiness once more in the future.

One example of doing this is if you motivate yourself to go to the gym, even though you REALLY didn’t want to, find a way to reinforce that behavior. Something as simple as rewarding yourself with 10 extra minutes on social media or reading a good book can help train your brain that good behavior leads to good things!

Be careful though…

One caveat to this though: positive reinforcement is a two-way street. Remember when you are dwelling in the negative if you reward that behavior, it can lead to you forming that bad behavior as a habit.

Knowing It Isn’t All or Nothing: Some Days Everything Just STINKS
We know this isn’t the first article about positivity you’ve ever read or seen. It probably isn’t even the first one you’ve seen today. There is a ton of pressure on everyone to live a lifestyle that is mindful, productive and perfect.

Here is the thing though: life is messy.

It doesn’t matter if you are Mother Theresa, Michael Phelps or the Dalai Llama, you’re going to have a day where even thinking positive, let along acting positive, seems nearly impossible. That is perfect okay.

Eat that bowl of ice cream. Don’t exercise. Cry. Whatever. You’re human.
Having these off days helps us to return full force when the time comes to get on the upbeat trail again.

Do not give up…

It is so important to remember ever after a slump into negativity land, you can always come back. There is no mistake that you can’t bounce back from. Even if you’ve been negative for years, that does not determine your future outcome.


Holly x