I am a diver

….I am a diver. This response is usually meet with a quizzical look or with … ooh you’re a scuba diver?….sky diver?… yeah you dive off the blocks to swim? Nope I don’t own a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus nor do I jump from a plane-as thrilling as that sounds and swimming and diving are two separate sports. I never realised it was such an obscure thing-to dive. It’s hardly Bo-taoshi, Ga-ga ball or Snow Polo-now they’re obscure sports. All us cool AMANZI folk know exactly what diving is …right? After all diving is one of the most popular Olympic spectator sports.

So just to clarify I plunge head first from a 10m tower(that’s right 10m picture two giraffes standing on top of each other) into a deep pool of water below usually performing twists and somersaults on the way down entering in vertical form aiming for a rip entry (see Entry #6). In competitions, girls do this five times, guys six. At least one dive during the contest must come from each of six different categories: forward, back, reverse, inward, twisting, and arm stand. So us girls can drop one of the categories.

Yep I am a diver-my heart is usually underwater just not for as long as a scuba diver. I hope I have cleared up any misunderstanding.

Until next month,
Jade x