My Outback Experience

Lightning Ridge, home of the unique Black Opal, is where School Sports Australia National Diving Championships were held this year. At the Ridge, we toured underground mines, experienced the Artesian Bore Baths and had a great time mixing and mingling with all the other athletes from around Australia.

AMANZI Girl Jade and synchro partner Liv
AMANZI Girl Jade and synchro partner Liv

One of the highlights of the trip for me was visiting one of the most unusual and unique tourist attractions ever- Chambers of the Black Hand Opal Mine. Set forty feet underground, images are actually carved and painted in the sandstone walls and pillars. There were over 500 wall carvings in this amazing underground chamber created by artist Ron Canlin with tools ranging from a jackhammer and small pick to cutlery from his kitchen!

My next favourite thing in the Ridge was the bore baths. At the end of a hard day diving there was nothing quite like a long soak in the naturally heated thermal baths. Natural pressure sends the water to the surface through an artesian bore and it maintains a constant temperature of 41.5 degrees. Bliss! This was pretty much the popular meeting place for us all to relax and socialise.

Lightning Ridge, a place where there are car doors instead of street signs, a house made from 14,000 coloured bottles and a church that has never even been used as a church, who would have thought that this little outback town would have so much to see and do!  Oh and I picked up a couple of my own little gems by the way of two gold and a silver medal too.

Until next month
Jade x