Why Athletes Make Great Leaders

Ready to take on the world? Here are seven tried and true reasons why athletes make great leaders.

Athletes Are Punctual

Anyone who has ever done regular training knows that 5 am means 5 am. If you show up for your  training session at 5:20 am, your coach is going to have more than a few words for you. Tongue lashings aside, every athlete knows that excuses won’t help you win any races. If you want a medal, you need to show up on time and maximise every minute you have got.

Athletes Know Good Sportsmanship

Athletes know how to lose and win gracefully. A top athlete is able to congratulate and console the competition, no matter how important the race is. While everyday life isn’t a race, knowing how to win and lose is a skill that you can always use when you are a leader.

Athletes Are Detail-Oriented

When you are racing, you know that every second counts and there are countless elements that can affect the time that it takes to get from the start to the finish. To excel in sport, you need to pay attention to every little minute detail that can affect your time. Athletes have to be aware that every little thing that affects the bottom line is worth paying attention to.

Athletes Know How to Be Healthy

Sleeping well and knowing how to de-stress are critical keys in the world of sport. Being tense and tired out is a major detriment, so the best athletes have learnt how to take care of themselves. These healthy habits make it indefinitely easier to lead the world.

Athletes Can Take Criticism

The best athletes know how to take criticism and use it to improve themselves. After years of getting feedback from a coach, athletes know that you have to keep an open mind and listen to what others have to say. Athletes know that advice is key to improvement and they aren’t shy about swallowing even the toughest criticism.

Athletes Know Time Management

The majority of athletes have to find a way to get regular training sessions into an already busy schedule. Between work, school and all of the other commitments of life, athletes have found a way to make it work.

Athletes Are Dedicated

It is not easy to being an elite athlete. To be a great athlete, you need to regularly train. Consistency is king. If you want to be at the top of your game, every athlete knows that you have to show up every single day and put in your time in at training, no matter how tired you are! To lead, we know that you have to put in the time and effort.