Swim Bag Essentials!

Ever wondered what is inside another swimmers swim bag? Well, I chatted to A-squad athlete Claire VK to find out just that!

So… what does Claire keep with her?

A drink bottle! You’ll never catch Claire without her trusty drink bottle.

Amanzi Goggles in Amanzi Neoprene Cases because you can’t forget your goggles if they never leave your bag right! But really, you never know when an extra set of goggles will come in handy.

Swim Caps! You really can’t have too many! You always need a choice for best colour coordination (that’s the real reason we carry so many)

Skipping rope! Claire uses her skipping rope for dryland activation before sessions and competitions. Do you carry anything like this with you?

Towel… well this one is a litttllle self explanatory, but lets be honest, forgetfulness gets the best of us sometimes.

A spare pair of Amanzis – just in case!

And to keep organised after a long session in the pool, shs has always got a hairbrush, shampoo and conditioner and her fave body wash!

Maybe one day we will have an Amanzi swim bag to keep all of you siwm essentials!

You can find all of Claire’s fave Amanzis here!