Tamsyn Moana-Veale back in the Gong!

Monthly Report by AMANZI Triathlete Tamsyn Moana-Veale

Welcome back to Wollongong, Wizards! It feels good to be back in my third home, routine is quickly re-established and it’s like I never left. I’m not sure what it is about Wollongong, but it always feels like I’ve got lots of things to do; training, testing, grocery shopping, coffee stops, uni study and visits to Spearman’s Bike Shop, I mean I hardly have time to squeeze in my daily afternoon nana-nap. Life’s tough. Speaking of Spearman’s, I have an exciting announcement; my beautiful new Liv/Giant Envie arrived for me at the beginning of this month. Thanks so much to Jo Hall from Giant and the guys (and Jess) at Spearman’s! Also a big thanks to Aaron Lean for the Retul Bike Fit, it really is the seemingly small adjustments that make a huge difference. Or as the Head Wizard puts it; “99% right is 100% wrong”. You get his meaning even if you can’t quite over the minor mathematical improbabilities.

Matte black with a dash of purple! Definately a 'Girl" bike! I've named her Cat!
Matte black with a dash of purple! Definitely a ‘Girl” bike! I’ve named her Cat!

I’ve had plenty of opportunities to get used to the Envie already, with the return to old stomping grounds in the form of the “Lap of the Lake” loop every Saturday and long rides through the National Park. I even got the opportunity to meant some other Giant loving Ladies on a Liv/Giant Ladies ride myself and a few of the other girls did late last week. My favourite rides concluded with a Diggies Café coffee stop afterwards, a chance to relax and have a deluge into the dictionary and extend the vocabulary past the standard ride conversation generally consisting of Yep – Car – Back – Left – Hole – Lights – Just Wait For Me At The Top – Help.

TamsynTamsynBack in the ‘Gong’ also brings about one specific training session; Friday Open Water Beach sessions. Sometimes terrifying, always fun. My tried and tested top tip for catching a wave? The element of surprise! The surprise part coming from me when I somehow find myself body surfing, same-said surprise escalating exponentially the longer I stay on the wave. I find confidence and ability in the body surfing builds slowly until it drops suddenly and unexpectedly.

TamsynFinally, expect some exciting news to head your way shortly in the form of a new range of AMANZI Swimwear! I’m giddy with expectation already, absolutely loved the last range!

TamsynTamsyn xxx