The New Dive

Patience and repetition. Two words I have come to know quite well. As I get older and each step closer to my full open 10m platform list I realise you need these two- have the first one in abundance and the other one you need to do in abundance. Patience, because there is a process to a smooth, safe and successful dive from 10m above the water, and we all know repetition ultimately leads to success.

So much goes into learning a dive-technique, physical and mental readiness. There are so many skill progressions before you can attempt a new dive.  We have all heard the saying a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, so the value of each skill is equally important to ultimately attaining a new dive. Learning dives before you are physically ready means bad technique, bad habits and bad results in competition. My coach definitely waits till we are physically ready but also mentally ready. In fact he gets us to the point where we are so confident that we are begging for him to let us launch the dive from the top. Ummmh smart man- he knows when we are ready to perform the dive safely and successfully with the proper mechanics of execution.

My patience and repetitions have successfully led me to adding a new dive to my open list this month. Speaking of which, a big month coming up with Pacific School Games in Adelaide and then I fly straight to Commonwealth Games trials on the Gold Coast-can’t wait for these two  amazing experiences and even better I’ll get to do these comps in the new AMANZI range.

Until next month,

Jade x