Finding the Perfect Wetsuit for Triathlon

There is nothing more rewarding than a triathlon. Racing between swimming, cycling and running is the most exciting competition that you’ll ever be in. But, before you dive in, you’ve got to get the perfect wetsuit for getting across the water.

If you are new to the world of wetsuits, finding the right style for you might seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, we have got you covered! Here’s everything you need to know about choosing the ideal wetsuit for a triathlon.

First things first: any time the water is under 25˚C, you will absolutely need a wetsuit to get into the water. Love them or hate them, they will keep you warm and save a ton of energy. While you will need to deal with taking your wetsuit on and off, you can make up for that extra time by flying through the water at top speeds.

The key to maximising the benefits of a wetsuit is to get one that fits your body perfectly and is geared for the unique conditions that triathletes face.

Ready to find your new favourite wetsuit? Here are a few of our top picks.

To zoom through the water at top speeds, check out the TROKA Maverick Elite Fullsuit. If you need a rotational boost, this wetsuit can change everything for you. Featuring a low neckline and silky liner, this suit has been voted by triathletes as the most comfortable as well as the fastest wetsuit overall.

The TROKA Maverick Elite Fullsuit has a slick liner that lets you slide the wetsuit off and on in seconds. Made from Yamamoto 38 and Yamamoto 39, this wetsuit is ultra-flexible yet perfectly durable.

Been training for a while and looking for the ultimate upgrade? Check out the Blueseventy Helix with a reverse zipper and forearm catch panels. Thanks to its flawless design, this wetsuit will give you an extra bit of propulsion with every single stroke.

Ditching the high collar, the Blueseventy Helix is incredibly comfortable and makes it easier to hold your head high. Thanks to the reverse zip, you can slip this suit off in a quick second.

For a wetsuit that has been uniquely designed with speedy arm and leg cuffs, the Zone3 Aspire is a great pick. This impressive wetsuit is as practical as it is stylish. Featuring a neutral buoyancy, the Zone3 Aspire will give you a natural lift from the water without affecting your rotation. It is also a great pick if you are swimming in particularly cold water thanks to its snug neckline that’ll help keep the water out.

Last but certainly not least, we are head over heels for the Huub Core Triathlon Suit. Made with UPF 30 protection Coldblack® technology fabric, this impressive suit has been flawlessly designed to get you though the water at top speeds.

AMANZI Girl Laura Dennis
AMANZI Girl Laura favours the Huub Wetsuit

With an ultra-low weight, minimal friction and top heat absorption, the Huub Core Triathlon Suit has been specifically designed to deal with the unique needs of triathletes.

So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to grab a new wetsuit and blow the completion out to the water.