Words of the Wiser

Advice –everyone has some to give and I have certainty had my fair share bestowed upon me. There are a few pieces of advice that have really stuck to this day from the wiser souls in my life. The wisest of all-my dad; a few words of advice from my dad, be it mental or about life in general, can often be just what I need. You can’t control what others do is one such piece that has stuck. So true not just in sport. This particular piece of advice is what keeps me focused on what I can control, and that is all me-my attitude, my training and my performance. I go into competitions not worrying about anyone else except me as I have no control over anyone or anything else.

At my very first junior elite nationals years ago came another piece of advice that stuck. I feel very lucky to have the coaches I have as they are all full of great advice. Chava, (NSWIS head coach) pulled me aside to share his wise words after my first real diving disappointment. He said that’s diving you will lose many times and with expectations comes disappointment. It has stuck with me ever since.


So I learnt then and there that managing my expectations was a better choice than continually being disappointed. So I still anticipate a good outcome-just expect nothing. I now go in to comps relying on what I can control, have faith in my training and with the attitude that I will either win or learn. He had also shared that success comes in many different forms and winning isn’t the only measure of that success. I now see “failure” as feedback and without feedback I can’t get better. So now I recognise even my smallest successes from a not so crash hot meet and am always motivated to lift my game and truly believe that inside every disappointment lie the seeds for my future success.

And my advice to all you AMANZI guys and girls these school holidays is… to have fun. Yep I know not as wise as the men in my life but a great piece of advice nonetheless.

Until next month

Jade x