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Designed and milled in Italy, AMANZI ARMOR is the latest in high performance chlorine resistant fabric making it the superior choice amongst competitive and active swimmers.

Chlorine Resistant
Chlorine resistant fabric provides maximum strength and durability.

Maximum UV Protection
Protects the skin from the suns harmful UV rays with a maximum protection rating of UPF 50+ wet or dry.

Exceptional Breathability
Absorbs sweat during training and allows for natural evaporation.

Superior Colour Fastness
Will continue to retain it’s vibrancy and colour even after extended use.

Perfect Fit
Moulds to the natural contours of the body giving you freedom of movement when swimming.

Excellent Shape Retention
The swimsuit will continue to retain its shape even after extended use.

Two Way Stretch
Two way stretch properties allow for comfort and freedom of movement.

Super Soft to Touch
Pleasant on the skin as it is super soft to touch and always smooth.

Quick Drying
Dries quickly so it will be ready to wear for your next training session.

Low Absorbency
Does not hold or retain large amounts of water during or after use.

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