AMANZI Promotions

Nice work team! You've found our secret promo codes page. Take a look at our full list of active promos and deals, and #TreatYourself! After all, who doesn’t love an AMANZI freebie.
P.s… We throw new promo deals out into the universe on the regular, so now that you’ve found this page it’s worth keeping an eye on. When you see something you like, just apply the code at checkout and we’ll know to send your free gift with your order!  
FREE Undead Swim Cap
FREE Undead Swim Cap
Promo Code: AMSCUD
Spend $130+
FREE Chill Neoprene Case
FREE Large Chill Neoprene Case
Promo Code: CHILL
Spend $200+ 
Terms and conditions:
  1. Promo code valid while stocks last
  2. You must spend over the nominated amount in one order 
  3. You must enter the promo code at checkout
  4. We cannot add promo codes after your order has been placed
  5. Only one promo code can be entered at checkout
  6. If you return your purchase, resulting in the promo minimum spend not being met you must return the promo item or you will be charged the price of the promo item.
  7. Promo item cannot be refunded, exchanged, or redeemed for cash.
  8. If you are unsure how to complete this promotion, please contact us at